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    To change the permalinks, the subpanel after selecting a radio button and saving another option, tells me that I should now update my .htaccess file. I have looked and I don’t have this file. I have enabled the ability to see hidden files with my FTP client (filezilla), but I still see nothing. I did some snooping and since my local box is windows xp, it may not all the creation of a file beginning with a period like .htaccess. That may be why I don’t have it. I downloaded the WP install and then uploaded it via FTP. Anyway, everything is working fine, but I was just trying to change permalink structure but I cannot in any way find or recreate this file. What should I do? Thanks!


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  • Don’t panic. You just need to create one.
    Open Notepad or any BASIC editor. Hit the space bar once.
    Save it as .htaccess.txt. Upload it to your WP directory. With filezilla rename it to .htaccess.
    Now CHMOD to 666 – update your permalink structure. CHMOD to 644 now for security. That’s it.

    The .htaccess file is not something that comes with WP. It may or may not already exist on your web server. There’s no requirement that one exist unless it is needed. (And you’ve now run into a need.)

    WinXP has no problem with creating or storing a file called “.htaccess”, though some specific software might. You can always simply create a “new.txt” file (in Notepad or other plain text editor) and then rename it.

    If you create this file and upload it, then give it the proper permissions, WP will handle writing the necessary code to it for your permalink construction.

    Dang that was easy. Thank you so much!! Very speedy too. :o)


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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