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  • thecountrybudds


    Thank you all SO much for helping me with this!! I purchased a domain name and hosting plan from Linksky, who I used to use for a Frontpage-designed website I ran for my Kindergarten class. I don’t know exactly how to proceed from here, but the instructions with the WP download said to open up that sample thing in notepad and it wants you to insert database stuff…where do I get that info? Thanks so much for helping me! (I’m totally clueless, LOL)

    P.S. I currently have a free blog at…is there a way to transfer it to my own domain name and use it in

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  • moshu


    The p.s. stuff will come later… Now let’s get the WP installed on your domain.

    I am familiar with Linksky – you have to login to your site admin panel (they use cPanel) and create the database.
    login to your site by
    Click either on the MySQL databases (or the MySQL wizard – this one is new and I cannot use it since I am at the limit with my DBs).
    Follow the instructions for creating the database and remember
    a) the database name
    b) the database user’s name
    c) the database (DB) password
    – on Linksky the DB host is “localhost”

    Then follow the detailed instructions here:

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