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  • My websites were created after 3.4.2 was released. I have never had to update WP on my sites. The first problem I noticed is that under plugins I have no add new option. I have to add all plugins via my cPanel manually. I can get it done but the add new would be so nice. I added the WP policies plugin but cannot get into settings because I do not have the necessary permissions. As I was searching through the forum for a possible solution, I stated seeing posts that users had lost the admin toolbar after updating to 3.4.2. I saw some very complicated (for me) fixes that seemed to work for some users but I don’t have to knowledge to attempt changing php code. I then found a plugin to download the admin toolbar for versions up to 3.4.2. I successfully downloaded and extracted it but can’t see anything different on WP. Selecting admin on the Howdy dropdown just takes me to my profile page. Is the admin toolbar the same as the user toolbar but with more options or one that’s completely separate. I am the only user for my websites and am the administrator yet I don’t seem to have permissions to do some things. Can anyone help this newbie?

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  • The most common cause of this is the lack of wp_head() and/or wp_footer in your theme files… not to be confused with the header or footer include files. It’ll look something like this

    <!-- BEGIN HEADER.PHP -->
    <?php wp_head(); ?> // this is the hizzy jizzy magic sauce right here
    <!-- END HEADER.PHP -->
    <!-- theme files here, like single.php -->
    <!-- BEGIN FOOTER.PHP -->
        <?php wp_footer(); ?>  //  more magic sauce right here
    <!-- END FOOTER.PHP -->

    The wp_head() and wp_footer() are the hooks that link your theme files to a lot of the wordpress core files. Without them all sorts of bugs and oddities creep in, like disappearing admin bar. The admin bar is the ~100px horizontal bar that appears at the top of your website when you’re logged in. Not the admin panel, but your actual website.

    If you are logged into wordpress and browse through your site, there should be a dark grayish bar that has links back go your admin panel. If you see nothing, but have a strange gap between the bottom of your browser toolbar and the top of your website that resembles a css margin-top error, it’s likely because you are missing that wp_header hook.

    It sounds like you may have a simple plugin conflict.

    Deactivate all of your plugins and test that (through your cpanel, simply rename the plugins folder to something else to deactivate them all at once)

    See if that gets you back to normal.

    If not it could be a theme conflict if you are using anything other than WP’s default theme (currently 2011)
    -again, if you can’t do it through the admin side, do it through cpanel by renaming your current theme, which will reset you to the default theme

    Plugins and themes are the #1 cause of most problems.

    Don’t know if this works. Like I said, I’m a newbie. I an use programs but have never written them. I tried to send you a link so you can see what my page looks like when I am logged into WP and go to my site. I don’t see what looks like a strange gap between the bottom of the browser and the top of my website. I just see the WP user bar that lets me go back to my dashboard or my other sites within WP. It’s the same bar I see no matter where I navigate throughout WP. Hope I made that clear for you. Next, I don’t know where to look for the coding you show in your answer. My host is PurelyHosting and they have a cPanel. This is what I have been using to add plugins. Would I use cPanel to locate the coding in your reply or is it located in WP?

    The themes are eDegree, Pretty, Travel Blogger, Priimo and Food Recipe. I have not altered them because I don’t know how except by using widgets and plugins. The problem I have described applies to all 5 of my sites. Also “back to normal” is unknown to me since this is the way the sites were built for me. If I rename the plugins folder then go to WP I should see them all deactivated? And if this doesn’t give the the admin toolbar, change all 5 to the 2011 theme?

    Are you running multisite? or do you have 5 separate wordpress installs?

    The admin bar is the bar you described. It has links that gets you back to the dashboard, edit post, etc. If you see it, your admin bar is working correctly. It looks like this

    Voodoo is right about plugins. I’m not sure if that’s actually your problem or not (see previous multisite question) but deactivating plugins is one of the first things you should do when troubleshooting a problem.

    I believe it is a multisite. They are all under my domain They are /homedecor/, /fashion/, /food/, /fitness/, and /travel/. Homedecor is the controlling site. Each site has its own WP dashboard. The toolbar has the WP logo > my sites . homedecor > comment bubble > new (drop down menu for posts, etc. The middle is blank and on the far right it says Howdy Toni. Selecting admin there just takes me to my profile page. I will try deactivating the plugins.

    I renamed the plugin file in cPanel. It deactivated all the plugins. No change on the admin toolbar. I went to My Theme > settings > yes to User Login/Adm Bar. No change. Still no “add new” option for the plugins.

    I reset the theme on my home decor site. No changes. Still no admin toolbar. I can live without the add new plugin but I think I need the adm toolbar for some things, right?

    It sounds to me like you are seenig the proper admin bar. It only has those things you discuss above.

    The admin bar at the top of the screen is just a few useful things to help you navigate your site when you are loggen in.

    On the back end when viewing the dashboards, you are missing some items? You don’t have the add new plugin or something (from the menu on the left in the backend)

    That’s right. My only choices are navigation items. I tried going into theme settings under appearance and got a forbidden error. I don’t know what plugin I need. I did try to a WP admin bar but it didn’t change anything. I just found this one for multisite super admin. Should I give it a try?

    Nope… the admin bar is the thing on the top of the screen that lets you add posts, etc. It sounds like you have one.

    The admin bar doesn’t have things like adding themes, changing settings, etc.

    The administration menu is all the tabs on the left side, when you are on your website’s backend, If those are missing, a plugin isn’t going to fix your setup

    Are you able to post any sort of screenshot of what you see on the back end of your website, when you are loggen in? (jusdging by the error you got, you have some kind of problems in your setup)

    How do I do a screenshot?

    on a PC, click hit your “print screen” button which will put an image in your clipboard. then go into a program like photoshop, ms paint (maybe outlook or word directly?) or any other image editing software and ctrl+v to paste it. then you can save it as an image file.

    on a mac, hit cmnd+shift+4 which will turn your cursor into crosshairs. then you can click and drag to draw a box around what you want to capture. it will then save a file to you desktop.

    there are also plenty of screenshot freewares for windows…1c.1.HAmReYYvTrA&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=cb629d3c6571b600&bpcl=39650382&ion=1&biw=1366&bih=1216

    This may not be related, but there’s no way to navigate between your sites at all. Your main domain defaults to homedecor but doesn’t reflect in the URL at all. Multisite setups are usually for multiple domains. Yours doesn’t look like a multisite so much as it does having multiple directories.

    Is this what you intended?

    I also wonder, if you’re not seeing plugins folder your user account is probably not set up with capabilities for that function. Are you sure you’re set up as an administrator? If you go to wp-admin > users, and look at the list of users, does it say “administrator” next to your username?

    I can’t get the image into this post. I can sent it in an email. What email address should I use?

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