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  • Hi there, apologies for what may seem an extremely novice question but I am indeed one of those!

    I recently acquired a second Mr Site Takeaway package (I used the first one originally for my first website) and registered my domain with it, but i’ve been hearing alot that WordPress is brilliant so i’ve decided that I want to give it a shot with my second website.

    Seeing as my domain is already registered with Mr Site, how do I go about using it for WordPress? I haven’t even installed WordPress yet, and even this process in its self seems a little daunting… but now the domain has been paid for there is obviously some sort of transferal process, does Mr Site now simply act as my host? If anyone can give me any pointers that’d be much appreciated as the world of website building is still quite new to me…

    Many thanks


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  • Although I’d never heard of MrSite before, I took a look and it seems pretty clear to me (others can feel free to correct me) that you cannot install WordPress software on MrSite.

    Although they combine the two, registering a domain name ( or whatever) and hosting that domain name are two different things. If you look around, you can generally find domain name registration for about $10 U.S. a year. My point is that MrSite will cost you many times that price if you use them just for domain name registration (because you can’t use their hosting for WordPress).

    If you are not sure that WordPress is where you want to go until you’ve tried it, why not try it out at for free? No installation required.

    Asking MrSite for a refund would normally be my first recommendation, but it can be tough to get a refund when a domain name registration is involved because MrSite cannot cancel a domain name registration and get their money back.

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