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  • after updating the plugin it reads version 2.0 however, the update now option continues to be there and you cannot activate the plugin.. Need an update quick for a fix. This is security we can’t live without.

    Update: you CAN activate the plugin, but unsure if it is working or not since update prompt continues to be there.

    Be sure to go to OSE firewall after updating as you need to install the database again and update everything. Wait.. This was a badge update correct? What the heck.. did I fail to realize that after you update the OSE firewall you need to install it from the console again? weirdness.

    also, clicking on the anti-virus database update responds with “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    I click on the Anti-Virus Database Update, and a window pops up “do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    Hamoon G


    new version have serious problem!
    after update to 2.0.0 and database , you can see another plugin named OSE BADGE and it needs update too! but it never can update! it’s update are broken and OSE firewall have no setting!
    fortunately my site is OK now after deleting the new version of OSE firewall and back to 1.6.4 version!
    i hope plugin work now…
    sorry for my bad English language

    I think also a return to an older plug because the present one is still a lot of flaws

    completely removed from 4 websites and phpmyadmin tables have all been deleted.. Could not take the chance of it messing up the sites any further or having holes for attackers.. will reinstall once problems have been identified and corrected.. will await further information.

    Plugin Author osexcel


    Hi there,

    Could you please send the ftp and WordPress login to our secure support centre here

    We will check and fix it asap and release a new version.

    Best wishes

    what? I send you my username and password for ftp and wordpress? I have no doubt about that.

    Plugin Author osexcel


    Hi Kamiill

    No problem, we have been working on the three issues now:

    1. The Badge update issue — fixed

    2, The Virus database update issue — fixed, we removed it because this is for internal use, when any clients have viruses that we cannot detect, we use our scanning server to update the viruses, then use that section to update the viruses in the client’s server, so this is not really a function for the public, we removed it

    3. Database keeps showing not ready — fixed

    We will release version 2.0.1 soon.

    I am very happy with your previous plugin, I had three attacks per day on my site. After you have installed the previous version helped me very much, but as I did today and no updates unfortunately failed. I think it mend and will be all ok 🙂 Sorry but my English is not good so I use google.

    Hamoon G


    could i ask you something? did you release version 2.0.0 without test?
    and what is badge plugin?
    OSE Firewall really is great plugin cause it have power without complexity. when i update to 2.0.0 i saw there is another plugin with OSE firewall and a lot of design changes and there is no setting page issue !
    please keep version 1.6.4 simplicity …

    Plugin Author osexcel


    Re: could i ask you something? did you release version 2.0.0 without test?

    — we have tested thoroughly with the following scenarios:
    1. New install of WordPress
    2. An existing WordPress platform, installing OSE Firewall, then upgrade to 2.0.0
    3. We also install the plugin in our new website ( before releasing it,

    All went well, but seems that the framework did not work quite well on some servers, we are checking the cause

    Re: changes and there is no setting page issue !

    — The setting panels were changed to Configuration Panels, so please access to the following link for the configuration:


    The user manual can be found here:

    If there is anywhere you think it can be improved, please let us know, we will try to improve them as soon as possible. 🙂

    Plugin Author osexcel


    BTW, we have released 2.0.1, which fixed the following three issues:

    The Badge update issue — fixed
    The Virus database update issue — fixed
    Database keeps showing not ready — fixed

    Installed version 2.01 on one site. After installing the config area states under scanning configuration that there is a Secret word. Unfortunately there is none here.

    Development mode? – enable – why?
    Front end blocking mode – ban IP and show ban page to stop attack

    Enable Stop Forum Spam – Disable – What is this?

    Please initialize database is still saying that even after you initialize and initialize is not spelled with an s.

    I do not know whether to install because before I had a problem with uninstalling from several database tables and had to do a database backup

    Can you tell me which file you need to edit to translate the plugin? translate into Polish

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