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  • Hi,

    I have made a number of fixes and enhancements to this plugin.

    – fix performance issue with large (>50) albums
    – update to latest fancybox
    – enhancements to fancybox
    – incorporated and adapted gallery3 picker plugin
    – integrate [g3client] tags in editor to set alignment
    – added new [g3client] options (singletitles, singlesize, children)

    Please let me know how I can contribute this, instead of creating a new plugin!


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  • Hi Etienne!

    I have been looking for a way to integrate Gallery3 and WP and found Florian’s semi-abandoned (or totally abandoned?) plugin. I was rather grateful to see that you volunteered to pick up the work where he has left it.

    2 months have passed, and no answers from Florian, so I guess he has really abandoned his project. Such a pity.

    Now, I’ve downloaded your own copy from GitHub and installed it. Unfortunately, there seem to be a few bugs. After configuring it (it was nice to see that G3Client’s configuration options remain available on your version as well!), I couldn’t get the visual mode on the posts to work — it remains blank. Text mode works fine. One clue I have is that you’re using cURL instead of Florian’s HTTP package.

    PHP Warning: curl_setopt(): CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when an open_basedir is set

    This error is typical of cURL, running under PHP 5.4 with open_basedir restrictions in effect — I have seen it on many, many plugins, and it will become more noticeable in the next months, as everybody (namely, shared hosting providers who rely on open_basedir restrictions to limit what their clients can do) moves to PHP 5.4 and 5.5.

    It would be better, since you are already replacing Florian’s HTTP code, to stick with WP’s own HTTP API. It’s not only efficient, but it comes with all WP installs (unlike cURL), and it will test for a variety of methods to see what works (so, if cURL is, indeed, installed, it might use that instead; if not, it will use direct socket connections, and so forth).

    Because of that, I couldn’t test it more. A few comments:

    – the link to will obviously not show anything (it’s the first menu option). I guess you’re just testing it out for some reason.
    – speaking of tests, it would be nice if you could provide a visual feedback that the REST call is working
    – the links at the top (un-styled) saying “Add photos to your Gallery3 | Configure Gallery3 media picker” do not work — the first goes to /rest/, the second has the wrong URL under a multisite install
    – it would be nice to have the client settings copied over to the media picket settings, to save the trouble of typing it twice!
    – on the media picker, it’s not clear what the “Gallery URL” is, since the client settings uses “Rest API URL”. So what is it?
    – on the WP left sidebar, Media > Gallery3 does not work (it calls
    – I couldn’t find a list of [g3client] options anywhere. It would be nice to have an extra menu option or something with a list of shortcode options!

    Actually, I was thinking of taking a look at the original G3Client plugin, because I wish to have a few more options on the widget. It’s incredibly simplistic! Just one random picture! The old WPG2 plugin I used for Gallery2 had a lot of options…

    Anyway, nice work, and thanks for continuing the development! I’m glad someone is doing a great job of continuing the plugin work while we wait for Florian to come back, wherever he might be. It would be nice if he added you as a co-developer so that you could change his code directly and keep G3Client updated.

    Florian, where are you? 🙂

    Hi Gwyneth,

    nice to see some people are interested in this plugin. First let me say I do not have time currently to work on this, I am finishing my PhD…

    Also, I basically fixed and enhanced the plugin, so that is why the configuration dialog is mostly the same.

    I am not sure how to fix the curl problem… can you try and change the config so that the other http method works? It’s a little tricky to setup. From the code I read that if the HTTP_Request2 PEAR package is installed, and not curl, then the former is used.

    I didn’t change much in the HTTP code, and I have never read about the WordPress HTTP library – is it this one here ?

    If you can get this fixed let me know, I can apply the patch to the github repos.

    Once the rest api is configured properly most problems you mention should be fixed.

    Yes it would be nice fif Florian added me as a co-dev but I can work on github for now (when I’ll have the time).


    Actually, I had a peek at the HTTP API and it doesn’t look so bad, so I went ahead and implemented it.

    Please update from the github repos and try to configure the plugin again, and come back with results. Then tell me which of the issues still apply!

    Hi there,

    I’m also still interested in this plugin and it’s great that you did work on it etiennesky.

    Unfortunately for me when I install your version from github and try and configure it through wordpress I get “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”

    I’ve looked through the source a bit but it’s beyond my limited capacities.

    The only noticable issue I was having with the original plugin was single images weren’t able to be viewed fullscreen (they weren’t a link, just a thumbnail) so at least I have something.

    Anyhow, good luck with the PHD if you haven’t finished it.


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