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  1. word2012
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi everyone, i have some serious problems.. i come from China but people there are not expert on it...

    i have an SSL certificate from GODADDY and have a https for my http website

    now, i have two ip(s), one is shared with others, the other is dedicated that is exclusively for me, that's the https use. and my A record now is pointed to the dedicated IP.

    BUT there is the questions:

    when i have to tell someone my domain is ABC.COM they type ABC.COM, however, i want to the HTTPS://ABC.COM

    forward function can't be functional in China...
    the more important, my pic in my wordpress media has only http link, so each time when i am in HTTPS://ABC.COM, there will repeately a warning... i don't know how to change it...

    PS. i have added an code define('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true); at the top of wp-config.php, and when i log in , the http will atomatically change to https, and all the setting i made are totally under the https link. i am satisfied about it : )

    3. how to make the log in link https rather than http in my homepage..

    i will be grateful !! if you can help me !!!!


  2. word2012
    Posted 6 years ago #

    oh by the way, can i only leave https IP and delete share ip?

    anyway, the automatically change to https is important

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