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  • I have spent a week slugging through the CSS of this theme to make simple changes like theme colors. They trap you in their Pro Version for that. Their support forum has been responsive but not overly informative. To move the Older Posts link they inform me would be a major undertaking. I did find a widget and other ways to display older posts.

    I think they have way too much wasted space between each post and the sidebar but that is fixable with CSS. I also want to make the header picture less intrusive, Right now the default is too tall.

    They initially told me to go through the hassle of creating a child theme for about a dozen CSS changes. I ignored them and just kept a copy of my changes if future Updates trash the Custom CSS File.

    It’s been many years since I have messed with Wordress. Ever since the product ventur3ed toward a half-assed CMS system. It’s still bloated slow code and Litespeed Cache doesn’t help much.

    I doubt I will buy their Pro Version but if I keep using their Theme I might donate a few bucks. Right now that decision is up in the air.

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