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  • It took me few hrs just for one post to publish. It is night 1:50 AM and I am still on my Laptop due to this.

    The strangest part was that the problem was just in title of the blog post. This was beyond my assumption.

    I have posted another post on forum 10-20 mins back but it looks some idiot has closed it. I cannot edit or post comment on that!

    ERROR was in title of the post were I cannot mention “title”. If I do then it destroy my Admin Area and Visitor’s post area as well. You can see yourself:

    I have removed the “title” word from title and it is working here:

    Please reply!

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  • I can’t reproduce the issue on any of my sites. As you already know, debugging sometimes requires a set of reproducible errors within a given set of conditions. The only condition you provide is using the word “Title” in a post, and I can’t seem to reproduce your error based on your description. I can use the word “Title” all day long, anywhere I want to, with no problem. Have you found any other reports of WordPress users that have had the same or similar issue?

    I tested this as well with a brand new post on WordPress 3.2.1 and can not reproduce this either. I would check your installation for any custom functions or plugins that are looking for “title” to see if they are interfering.

    What Title Should You Give Your Blog?

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    Satya Prakash, this is a friendly forum of volunteers helping people for no reward. Please don’t throw around unwarranted insults.

    Where the closed thread? This is the only other one you appear to have opened today, and you appear to have successfully posted a reply to yourself on it.

    The forum allows you to edit any post you make for an hour, after that you cannot edit the original post, but can post again to the thread.

    I have posted a post previous to this. I think the issue was with my displayable name. I was using satya61229. I have changed that and after that I can modify that. I have closed that with comment for this forum post. This was my previous post:

    Yes, I was also thinking I may have posted a post earlier with “title” word on it and I got one. This is the one with “title” in title.

    But you can see what is happening here in screenshot. I am going to remove the test article so given here a screenshot.

    @joe, thank you for your interest and support. But I find it difficult to give you Admin access.
    As I see I have also posted a post with “title” word on it and it is working fine as mentioned above. It can be issue with any plugin but again I am thinking why it is not breaking in Frontend for old post! The post is old but new post is also breaking in Frontend.
    I will see when I got a time.

    In previous post in this forum (given link above), I have mentioned various error in backend(Admin side), if anyone can guess the plugin or any reason for the error then I would be thankful for that.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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