• I’m not real big on leaving reviews in general but I’m leaving one here. If adding more reviews helps bring attention to this plugin and makes it more popular, so be it!

    I have blog entries and stuff I imported from previous platforms going back to 1996. I have been looking for a way to highlight some of this old content based on date, similar to how Slashdot.org does it in their “This Day on Slashdot” widget. The only thing is I couldn’t find anything that would do it. There were plugins that would do “this day in history” and other criteria. But I couldn’t find a plugin that would do it based on content entered in WordPress.

    The plugin its self is *very* easy to use. Install, activate, and add it as a widget wherever you want it. Done. There are some settings you can tweak regarding how many entries to show, what categories, etc. I had the whole thing up and running in five minutes.

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