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  • Hi WP gurus :O)

    I’m currently getting spammy comments from a ‘webpage’ on my site…that actually doesn’t exist!

    This is my website:

    And here is the offending page:

    From the WP dashboard I’ve checked the menu and the page doesn’t exist. From ‘Pages’ I’ve checked and there’s no page named ‘Clients’, so how come its displaying on the interweb and how come I’m getting all these spammy comments?


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  • When it’s displaying like that, it means that there’s a page, post or some other content type that is set for that URL. It’s impossible to know where it is becuae we don’t know your own set up, but I’d start by looking in the other sections, like ‘Posts’ and any other areas that you have in your site. There’s also times when themes can throw things ike that in there as well, so it’s a hard thing to know where it’s coming from.

    Nope, nothing in either pages or posts. Any other suggestions?

    The ‘offending page’ is very much in your site. See its validation report. From it you can get a clue as to where it is. Scroll down to the source in the above report.

    Nope, no clue.Where in WP would I find the page other than in the dashboard? The ‘Editor’?



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    the ‘clients’ page is an attachment page for that shown image

    these are generated automatically …

    here is to find out which template gets used to show that page:

    here is a search result which might be useful:

    also try to contact themeforest as the seller of your commercial theme for support, to see if they have any experience with that problem.

    Thanks for that. I grabbed the plug in because I’ve wasted enough time on this already.

    Thanks again to all for your input.


    Hi JazzyG, I hope that means you managed to get the problem sorted.

    If not, you can always contact the author of a ThemeForest theme for assistance using the contact form on their profile page. Specifically for the theme you have, the author’s profile is here:

    Best of luck! 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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