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    I’ve been using WordPress for some time, and I love it. I’m getting a bit tired of using pre-done templates, I want something unique for my site. I’ve started making a theme based of the default. However I’ve run into a couple problems, and I’m hoping someone on here has the know-how to help me. I have all the images changed and what-not, but I haven’t been able to figure out where to go to fix the posts and sidebar to the new width. Secondly, I need to know how to add a few things, and where to add them. I know only HTML, no php, so I’m lost. And yes, I’ve looked for online tutorials on it. I want to add an image above the header, with no margin above. I also want to add a custom menu below the header, where it just has an image as a background with text (lining of course) above.

    Any help on any of this would be greatly appreciated, you can see it so far at

    EDIT: I’d also like to move where the title goes and remove the description from the header. Thanks.

    EDIT 2: I’d also like to split the search bar in two, with the go button centered underneath, however I can’t get that to go either.

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    Can I suggest that you drop the code you are modifying and instead use the Classic theme as the basis for your site ? The base you are using has CSS that is less than clear in part – hence your problems – while Classic is clear and clear. More people here can help with Classic than what you have.

    But in part to answer your question you need to alter the widecolumn and narrow columns. You do know that on single post pages there is no sidebar ?

    I do, and thanks. Maybe I will try and use the classic..

    OK, I started over, though not from classic. Too freaking screwed. I used falling dreams instead (google it?). It was soooo easy to edit some of the tings I wanted to edit – the CSS code was actually readable! I do have a question with it though, and I think it’s a minor one at that. How do I remove all that hover crap (no offence to the owner but I really don’t like it)? You know, when you mouse over a link on the blog (Oh, see it here: a box shows up and what not.. I want that gone. The CSS style sheet can be viewed at


    Anyone? God, someone here must know CSS better than me..

    Delete this line from your header.php (I assume)
    <script language="javascript" src=""></script>

    Thank you.. I should have looked elsewhere 😛 Oh well, it’s gone now.

    And I have one last question – why is it that whenever I try to change the name of the folder that the files are located in, nothing will load? I looked and everthing I can find goes to bloginfo whatever.. Yeah. I can provide a copy of the files if anyone needs.

    Which files? Which folder? 🙂

    Well, the files are currently all in a folder called falling_dreams as that’s the theme I based it off of. If I change the folder’s name to red_is_nice it dosn’t work.

    You mean re-naming it on the server? Usually that doesn’t work. However if you work on your computer and you copy all the theme files into a folder ‘red-is-nice’ and upload the whole stuff into your wp-content/themes folder – it should work.

    Hah, that fixed it 😛 Thanks.

    just thought i would add this in here…in case anyone searches for this as I did. While the above does remove some of hovering junk. The best way is to delete the NiceTitle JScript Script File. This totally remove any hovering that basically repeats the text already in the link.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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