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  • After I update, my custom maps are not displaying. The mark show up with a blue background. Before the update it was all working great. Here is my code that I had that was working well.

    $mymap = new Mappress_Map(array("width" => 200, "height" => 245, "alignment"=>"left"));
       $mypoi_1 = new Mappress_Poi(array("title" => $title, "body" => $body, "address" => $address,));
        $mymap->pois = array($mypoi_1);
        echo $mymap->display( );

    My maps using shortcodes are working well.

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  • Plugin Author chrisvrichardson



    Please see the FAQ, there’s a section on geocode() that should answer your question.

    MapPress FAQ

    Hi, I recently updated my plug ins and since then my site has error messages relating to “mappress database already exists” across the top of the page.


    Also, I now cant access my admin page as all that comes up is a page of similar error messages.

    Can you please help?

    that should say: see


    @dough maybe it’s another feature they removed and put into Pro version. Geocode() was in the free version for the longest while but not anymore. I am programming my own map plugin now. I have been using Mappress basic on many of my clients sites and it works great.

    My suggestion though is delete the plugin and install a fresh copy. Make sure you are using the latest version of WordPress (3.5.1)

    i don’t think that “truewp_mappress_maps” is a MapPress table. Do you have a modified version. That’s where your problem is.


    thanks Sharaz
    The problem is that I cant access the admin part of the site in order to delete the map-press plugin.
    When I log in all i get is a page of the error scripts – there is no way to navigate past it or to access the plugins themselves!

    Hi Doug, if you have FTP access to your site you can delete the mappress plugin. I will first of all manually backuo the database and website files. Then delete the Mappress plugin. Do you have any tool you use to access your WordPress database? If you do you can deactivate the plugins manaully. you can use phpMyAdmin from your cPanel.

    Here is a great link that can help you manully fix your problems.

    The issue I see that is preventing the you from logging in is a header issue. Could be a space at the bottom of a PHP file. any custom plugins make sure there are no spaces at the bottom.


    thanks again Sharaz.
    Sorry – I am a real novice and I dont even know how to back up my databases like you say.
    I also dont know what the FTP access you mention is – can you explain?
    you also mention a tool to access my wordpress database – what would that be?
    thanks again for your help

    Hi Doug do you have access to your hosting account? cPanel access for example. in cPanel you can use the File Manager to delete folders and files. Also to you can use the Backup Feature on the cPanel to back your entire web site. This way you don’t have to worry about FTP access.

    Also in your hosting Control Panel you will have access to a tool call phpMyAdmin. This tool is used to mange your databases.

    If you have never done any of this I would suggest you have your programmer that built your site do it for you. It takes a few minutes to get you back into your admin area.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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