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  1. jmellicker
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I have a need for an advanced WordPress hack. (forgive my noobishness in this post, I'm just getting started)

    I'd like the header to change depending on where the user came from.

    This seems not impossible, since links to your blog could be like "http://yourblog.org?affiliate_id=42" and the header.php file could say:

    IF $GET_POST affiliate_id { // if there is an affiliate id
    then echo "<img>affiliateheader.$GET_POST['affiliate_id'].jpg</img>"

    But here's the part that is a black hole for me:

    I would also like to write this affiliate ID into the cookie, so next time they go back to the site, they see that specific header...

    and ALSO, to link this user_id with this affiliate_id in MySQL, so next time they log in, on any computer, their custom header is looked up and displayed.

    If anyone would like to tackle this for free or money, or have any ideas, post or email jmellicker (atsymbol) gmail.com!

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