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    Hi Everyone,

    my page list tells there is 1 private page but I can’t find it on the list and I didn’t actually create any private page, I tried Bulk Delete plugin to delete the private pages only but after I pressed delete I had all my pages deleted (even the published pages) but not that private page and the list still shows that there is (1) private.
    is it something i have to worry about or just leave it there, I’d already ran the security checks and there was nothing wrong!

    thanks in advance and have a nice day all!
    hope I’m in the write forum

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    Did you try clicking on the Private link where it shows (1) post? It’s supposed to remove all non-private posts from the list, leaving only that one post displayed. If that doesn’t help, you can locate the post and change its status through phpMyAdmin, usually accessed through your hosting panel. It’s a good idea to export the WP database as backup before making changes through this app. It’s very easy to horribly corrupt the DB if you happen to make a silly mistake here.

    Browse to the WP posts table, then use the search tab to find all posts where the post_status field is “private”. The search should only return that one post. Make note of the title and ID. Enter edit mode for this record and change the status to “publish”, then click Go at the bottom. When you reload the posts list in WP admin, the post will now be like the rest and there should not be a Private filter link anymore. You can locate the post by either title or ID and do as you wish with it.

    Don’t be tempted to delete posts in phpMyAdmin. There is a lot of related data that needs to be altered when deleting posts. Too much to manage manually. Let WP do the deleting once you are able to see the post normally with status published.

    thank you so much @bcworks I followed your instructions in phpMyAdmin and i could find the hidden page which belong to wpforms plugin as “wpforms preview” I changed the status to public, back to my page list I could see no more private pages but couldn’t see the page in the list but after deactivating the plugin, the page appeared in the list and I could delete it permanently.

    I appreciate your help
    have a nice day !

    Moderator bcworkz


    You are welcome. Nice deductive reasoning in recognizing the post’s source and deactivating the responsible plugin to see the post 🙂

    Greg Herring


    Glad I found this thread in Google…same thing happened to me – WPforms was the culprit. Thanks guys.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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