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  • I am a very fussy person. I know nothing about coding but I wanted my site to be “just right” so I dedicated my life to learning everything I need to know to create the perfect site. I planned out the next fourty years of my life to research, develop and implement everything I wanted on my site. Then I found WordPress.

    What am I supposed to do for the next 40 years? I may actually have to talk to the wife!

    It wasn’t even as if I got a decent days entertainment out of installing it. I had prepared all my OS and application disks ready for the big install. I had my pro-plus tablets to keep me going through the doubtless reinstall of the OS that would be required to get everything working. I had backed up all my data so when all my apps failed and needed to be reinstalled I would be able to get them back up and running.

    I read the 5 minute install info as I ran the install and prepared for the first problem and then a dreadful error message came up telling me that the installation was successful. Don’t these people know how to make proper software!!

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Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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