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  • crobley


    Briefly: This will probably work well for you if you have a default wordpress site with no additional plugins running. As basic of a site as possible really.
    For the rest of us however:
    I have run into bug after bug after bug with this thing. Not kidding I’d get one issue fixed and 3 more would sprout up.
    Map wont display because I have a google map on a seperate section of the site.
    Ratings wont work because I am using a spam blocking plugin???? etc etc.

    It was also the building of this plugin was really not done well at all. For example, form fields when displayed are no given unique class names automatically such as “#search-field 01, #search-field 02, #search-field 03” but instead are all just globally assigned “form-label”. If you are hoping to do any real form of CSS design customization this plugin is a complete mess.

    Every time I have ever had an issue and i post on the forums the answer I get from the developer is:
    “Post Screenshots please” (Im not going to take a screenshot and upload it just to show you a screenshot of my map not appearing. How would that even be helpful?)
    “Disable all plugins” (This one drove me up the wall. It appears as though not only do I hate this plugin but other plugins hate it as well and they treat him like crap. Nothing work in conjunction with this stupid thing.)

    Im seriously over it. Next time a client asks me for a business directory I’m going to tell them to look elsewhere. Wow.

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  • Plugin Author businessdirectoryplugin


    Hi crobley,

    I’m sorry that you have had a negative experience here. We pride ourselves on being responsive with support issues and if there’s something that hasn’t been resolved to your satisfaction, I’d like to know which specific forum threads are not resolved in your mind. I only found a single forum thread here:


    And that was several months ago, to which we never saw a response from you. It’s difficult to resolve issues when the conversation is so one-sided. 🙁

    Incidentally, we have a Maps update which you may or may not have, but I can’t tell from the conversation above. We did resolve some issues caused by limits within the Google Maps API itself, which may have been related to your problem.

    We always ask for screenshots because we need to understand the problem. While the description may be clear in your mind, it’s not always in ours so we need to see the issue in action and we’re visual people so screenshots work best for that.

    The plugin conflict issue: I will speak with my support guy about always asking that for repeat posts, but there are literally 1000s of plugins out there and not all of them work well, and some are old on top of that, so testing for this scenario is extremely difficult and we have to understand where an issue is coming from before we can fix it. That’s why we ask for such a test–it’s certainly not to be difficult and we want to make sure we fully understand a problem before rushing in to do something. If you have specific plugins that are causing a problem and these are major plugins (e.g. Yoast SEO) we would like to know. Again, without specific forum threads I’m only able to speak in generalities here, but at the end of the day we want to make you successful.

    The CSS issue you mention above is something we have on the list to fix. Not everything can get fixed at once, as I’m sure you understand as a web professional yourself. We are forced to prioritize things and some things are bigger than others.

    If you still wish to have further help, I’d be happy to offer it. You may contact me directly (the owner) for further dialogue on the matter if you’re still interested in moving forward.

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