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  • Do you see that thing I did there, with the capital letters and the exclamation points? That means I’m really quite annoyed.

    (See the way I undid your caps? That means that we don’t allow that sort of behavior here. – moderator)

    Seriously, I love WordPress, but I’ve hated image management all along. Do you know how often I want to publish a thumbnail instead of a full-sized image? Never, that’s how often. Surely MOST people MOST of the time just want the picture to go up exactly the way they uploaded it, no link or thumbnail or nothing. That’s the way 90% of the images I see on blogs are handled (not counting newspaper sites). So shouldn’t that be the default? Or AT LEAST shouldn’t the software remember that’s what I asked for last time?

    Once a month, I backdoor into my host and manually delete all the stupid thumbnails, because however small they are, they just pad my backups and get in my way. Now, I’ve got SMALL, MEDIUM and full-size? Lovely! Twice as much crap to throw away. And it defaults to MEDIUM. Who wants this? Seriously, is anybody but Matt using this feature? Oh, and when I tell it that my picture doesn’t link to anything, it actually sticks in an “a href” link to <i>nothing</i>.

    I’m not exactly mama’s golden coder, but I’ve thought about sifting through the php files and seeing if I can’t turn some of this stuff off. But then I’d have to figure it out all over again every time I upgrade.

    I really do love WordPress as a blogging platform, but I can’t believe these bits aren’t customizable. I put at least one photo in every post. A small annoyance that you bump into time after time soon builds to an all-caps-and-exclamation-points sort of annoyance.

    Can somebody recommend a plugin? I hate putting code on top of code, but I don’t fancy the way this trendline is headed.

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Surely MOST people MOST of the time

    When you apply your own personal preferences to everybody else, then your argument falls somewhat flat.

    Unless you have actual statistical evidence backing you up, the fact is that you have no idea what “most” people want to do.

    The system is configured to apply to a wide range of preferences and needs. It creates two different thumbnails because people have different uses for them. It creates many types of links, because people want to link to different things. And it creates an empty wrapper anchor tag because otherwise the styling could be applied differently (and wrongly) when you didn’t link the image to anything.

    If you have specific suggestions, then let’s hear them. But don’t think that what you want will get done because you want it. WordPress is written for wider usage than “you”.

    Oooh! I got slammed by the awesome power of your moderation capability.

    Customizable. That’s all I’m asking.

    Complaints are like cockroaches: if you see one, there are a hundred more just like it in the walls, too shy to show themselves. Killing the one you see gets you nothing. Think about that while you unleash the almighty delete-button on my humble petition.

    I have a milder complaint. I upgraded to WordPress 2.6 last week and have noticed an undesirable new characteristic.

    I include a graphic of some sort with every post and had been able to manipulate the graphic to one side with text, as in this page:

    Now, however, all posts now treat graphics as inline, as on this page:

    I’ve looked at the code and the difference seems to be that the following statement is missing in the newer style: style=”float: right;”

    I’m guessing this is someplace in the stylesheets, but I wouldn’t know where to look. It is quite a hassle to recall to replace this code with each post.

    Any help?


    Similiar problems in Visual Editor – not only would I love to get rid of the caption mode (who uses those, in graphic design? In any case, we don’t think they look good) but now the ability to just move images around using the cursor and the return key is mostly gone. The code gets screwed up, images suddenly are no longer centered, text ends up in centered caption mode since the formatting is still there even if you disable captions. And images upload variously as linked or unlinked to the uploads folder, seemingly randomly despite using the Add Image button in an identical manner. I’m pining for 2.5. Everything is so unwieldy now and takes so much longer. I’m sure this added functionality to someone, but I’ve been struggling with this for two weeks and have absolutely lost ease of use.

    I’m also not at all a fan of the media upload tool. I work with a pretty fast connection, but it still takes way too long to load – fine if just one, but I have a blog where I need to upload a dozen images or so in each post (and not in gallery format) – it’s a total nightmare.

    I thought I’d be in love with 2.7 after seeing a video walkthrough Matt did. From that, I got the impression we’d be able to re-add the upload to the write post page – apparently not unless I’m missing something. I desperately want it back on my write post page, where I can leave the images visible right below my screen and just click and add them – completely counter-intuitive to make people do more work to add a simple image. At the very least, I’d like the OPTION back. I can’t even find a plugin that can restore the functionality and until I do, I can’t see bothering with upgrades on my other blogs – considering downgrading actually just to avoid this tool completely.

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