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  • So far I see no real benefit for this. Blogs are saying Gutenberg is the next best thing. Well, I totally disagree. I like to be in control of what I make, not having anything overrule it.

    The buttons to insert content are way too big. I don’t need to have a 5x5cm block to add something. I am very capable of aiming my mouse at a normal sized button and link. The whole interface seems to be aimed at 3-years old who do not have full mobility control yet.

    Also the HTML editor is just way too plain. All it it in Gutenberg is a block with a lot of unused white space (we had that already as 1 column view, which I never liked either). So what, what, what Makes this dull, lumpy interface so great? In my opinion: absolutely NOTHING.

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  • I agree with Patrick also. Here’s 10 reasons why I won’t use it: First, I already have a page builder that came with my theme and it is 10x better than gooberg blocks. Second, I still see a difference in performance between 4.9.11 and 5.2.3 the non gooberg 4.9.11 being faster. Third, I’m still seeing incompatibilities with some plugins and themes. Fourth, I have a desire to stop using WordPress altogether, based on the responses from the WordPress team that I’m seeing online – essentially, “They don’t care if you don’t like it, you will use it!” They seem to be echoing the message they are getting from the very top. Simon Sineks’ “How great leaders inspire action” Ted Talk on youtube explains rather succinctly that people identify with “why” you are doing something before they consider buying or even using your product, The WordPress Foundation and Matt Mullenweg clearly have not seen this video! Fifth, The FOMO and the “you have to use the latest or risk getting hacked” diatribe is a fear based mantra, (I’m not going to cover F.U.D. here) and it’s totally false with the advent of the fork of version 4.9.x. Considering how bad WordPress was in the past with security, I don’t think they have room to even talk about that. Sixth, Not only do I despise the time lost on the block editor, I get to spend additional extra time explaining to all my clients what happened and why and how to fix their stuff that worked just fine until they updated WordPress. Seventh, a quick look at the Gutenberg block editor plugin shows almost 3,000 reviews and it has only a two star rating – those of us on this thread are a fraction of the unhappy users. Agile project management? anyone? eighth, the number of “disable blocks” and “downgrade WP” plugins and their use is on the rise. Plus the 5+ million ACTIVE users of the classic editor should tell you something… it has a 5 star rating BTW… Ninth, the 200 odd new “core” files created by the block editor show WordPress is growing like a kid eating cake. Tenth, do I really need 10 different reasons? No, I only need one or two. The fact that it’s inconvenient, buggy, incompatible and slow to actually use would be more than enough, but here’s the tenth reason; I see and hear the “you just don’t like change” argument thrown around. That’s a lie, that’s what Agile Project Management is all about! I love good change. I’ve watched some theme developers continually update their products with new features and knock it out of the park! They’ve added feature after feature that created a new learning curve yet they left their user base saying things like, “incredible! wonderful! Amazing!” I’m not hearing that about the block editor from ANYONE. So the tenth reason I do not like the block editor is because I haven’t been given one good reason why I should like it. Sell me this block editor… It’s easier to sell a pen in the digital age… I see no need, use, or value. I see no better features or added benefits. It doesn’t do anything to make my life better. It’s just not in the interest of the user community – if you don’t believe me just ask the other users. WordPress isn’t listening to it’s users though, this is a foreshadowing of things to come from The WordPress foundation. They did something so upsetting to their user base that they caused a fork of their own software, yet they make no apologies, get used to it or get classicpress.

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    Thank you so much, @dorsey, for a very big smile on my face. I could not agree with you more! πŸ˜€
    What I thought as soon as I heard about the introduction of SchlechtesTal was: “People who want an editor already have great and certainly better choices out there.”
    For now my live site is still running WP, but my localhost has already switched to the very delightful ClassicPress. πŸ˜€

    Can’t agree more.
    Block editing has exponentially increased my development time.
    I have no fine control over display.
    I’m a 10+year WP user who has built my own sites and this new system is frustrating no end. Example, a video block expands to the width of the screen rather than being the size expected no matter which full-width or other setting option. Yes, there is a space for additional css but I then have to learn new coding to play with it. Moe time sucking.
    WP worked well as it was. Wasn’t broken.
    I see no gain for me from these b**** blocks.
    Glad to hear of ClassicPress.

    Hear! Hear! πŸ˜‰

    What I also find surprising is that WP 5.3 got new admin ccs, making form fields clearer etc, while Gutenberg lacks any contrast. It’s unclear where parts begin and end. Indeed, WP was not broken. Now it is.
    Also, working with CPT’s required a lot more coding with Gutenberg.

    I told all my clients that if they wanted to keep me supporting them, I would only do so if they have Jeff Starr’s “Disable Gutenberg” installed. πŸ˜‰



    I cannot stand it. Why change from a WYSIWYG style editor that resembles other editors people are familiar with? Gutenburg requires many extra steps and several clicks to create a document. For example, inserting a list, or preformatted code snippets. It’s terrible.

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