• So far I see no real benefit for this. Blogs are saying Gutenberg is the next best thing. Well, I totally disagree. I like to be in control of what I make, not having anything overrule it.

    The buttons to insert content are way too big. I don’t need to have a 5x5cm block to add something. I am very capable of aiming my mouse at a normal sized button and link. The whole interface seems to be aimed at 3-years old who do not have full mobility control yet.

    Also the HTML editor is just way too plain. All it it in Gutenberg is a block with a lot of unused white space (we had that already as 1 column view, which I never liked either). So what, what, what Makes this dull, lumpy interface so great? In my opinion: absolutely NOTHING.

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  • Sound you really had an awful experience with Gutenberg! Your feedback is very interesting and valuable. If you don’t mind, I have a few follow-up questions.

    Something really doesn’t seem to be right on your display.

    5 x 5 cm to translate it into inches: I don’t think there are any 2″ square icons / blocks in the editor view. Maybe you can elaborate on your view, and include if you might use an additional plugin that might interfere?

    What tools / feature would you expect for the HTML Editor?

    Given that you have oversized button, the white space might also be increased by something outside of Gutenberg.

    Very interesting observations, Patrick.

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    Hi Birgit,

    I did not want to go in too deep, but since you asked… 😉

    Okay, 5x5cm might have been a little over-reacting, but the buttons to add a section/block ARE big. To compare: the standard “submit button” (primary class) is supposed to be the “biggest one”, currently. Yet, it is about half the width and a third of the height of these new ones. Why?

    I am using a normal sized (desktop) Mac, just like most developers and a lot of users. Mobile use has absolutely increased a lot, but also for content editing? Gutenberg is apparently best suited for iPads and other small screens? A lot, and I do mean a lot, of white space surround the interface. Hence, I have to scroll much more to get to another metabox etc. That is not an improvement.
    A big(ger) screen should mean – having a big(ger) overview. Gutenberg does not provide that in the least.

    Example: Why, on bigger screens, do the “add this block” buttons not open to the side instead of downwards? Why limit yourself (as developers) to a width of ± 800px? (let’s just assume this is the width, it might be 926px 😉 )

    The code editor…? Simple! You have stripped EVERYTHING. Even the “old” wp_editor in text mode had the normal mark-up buttons (bold, italic, etc), add media, etc. In Schlechtengrube the code editor is nothing more than Windows 3.1 Notepad.
    Also, the editor block itself is very small. It only occupies about a third of the available width. Again, why set a fixed width for that? Make is scalable to 98%.

    In addition to that:
    If you’d really wanted to improve the user experience, why not add mark-up highlighting by default (a plugin a lot of developers use), instead of stripping everything? I feel a lot has been taken out, which is the equivalent of non-improving.

    Personally, I find that the WP team uses way too much padding in everything. The .form-table is a good example of that. Gutenberg takes it even further.

    Also, I do hope Gutenberg will be able to be themed. The light gray on white is not very clear. People should be able to set contrast according to their personal needs (just like the WP-Admin themes).

    By the way, the “measurements” are not really measured, but the way they come across. I have uninstalled and deleted Gutenberg and will do anything (if kept in this state) to never use it.

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    Oh.. You said “may be caused by something outside of Gutenberg”… Euhm. NOPE! I tried it on a clean install, localhost, latest version WP, single install with no other plugins active, because I wanted the “purest” experience. 😀

    Patrick, thank you so much for taking the time to elaborate on your Gutenberg experience.

    The block UI is still in flux with various different scenarios considered. And I am sure you get used to the size of the buttons, if you give it another try and actually use it some more in real content creation situations.

    Good point regarding the Code editor. To be honest, whenever I used the text editor currently I really don’t use any of the buttons, so I didn’t noticed that they are actually missing. Interesting. I know, there are quite a few developers who asked for a syntax highlighting in the Code Editor.

    As for the whitespace, it’s more a taste issue, I suppose… I happen to like whitespace around things. So it’s probably hard to find the right settings for everyone. You might get used to it, once you are a past the initial, second and third “Ahhh this is horrible”.

    That the meta boxes are glued to the bottom of the screen and are not moveable has been raised by a few other users.

    Yes, mobile editing has considerably increased. I found myself editing posts and pages on the fly, while away from my computer. Knowing that I can edit on my phone, I found myself doing it much more often than before. I saw lots of people in meetings trying it before and fail, so we might be surprised how much this is going to be used once it’s released into core.

    Now that you have tested it, and feel so strongly about it, you could check out some of the design discussion on GitHub and learn more behind the reasoning for decisions. If you are up for it, you could even get involved and chime in.

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    Hi Birgit,

    I doubt I will ever get used to enormous use of unwanted padding. Why force that upon everyone?I also dislike the Setting API due to that. I often end up doing it the old-school way. Plugin developers often force css upon their users as well. One Dutch plugin is coded that its css overrules a lot. I ended up deleting the part of the source code, as dequeueing did not even work.

    I do agree mobile editing could be better and easier. The current interface is not very mobile friendly. But do NOT forget desktop users! Core WP should be usable and pleasant for all.

    But then again, I rarely like page builders etc. All because of the tons of unneeded HTML they produce, limit creativity, force css and always have limited options.

    I rarely use the visual editor now either. I found that it rarely reflects the output. I never understood why the front-end css is not automatically used in the back-end editor… Missing fonts, etc. etc. etc.

    I would strongly suggest theming options, like “wide” and “compact” and coloring.

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    Hi Birgit,

    Sorry to say I still hate Gutenberg, even after the last update 2 days ago.
    I see no noticeable changes AT ALL!!!

    The code-editor is still lacking the default buttons that have been there for decades. Also, still only 470px width is used for the editor while the screen has 1100px available..

    I will do anything in my power to completely NEVER use and discourage everyone to ever use this add-off! Sorry for all your hard work, but it is NOT an improvement.

    I have to agree here. This is the absolute worst way I’ve ever worked with web. As a designer, I want control over my content. As it sits now, ZERO of my plugins are functioning on posts, which is a huge HUGE HUGE problem for me as a dev.

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    I have installed https://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-gutenberg/ by Jeff Starr. PERFECT! The big benefit over the “official WP one” is that Jeff also removes Gutenberg css at the front-end.

    Oh my gosh, thank you.

    total BS that I have to go through dozens of websites and fix this for clients who are all pissed because of a forced “upgrade” to this abortion of an editor.

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    I know exactly what you mean. If anyone has questions about my own plugins that have to do with Gutenberg, my reply is always to treat yourself to “Disable Gutenberg”.
    BTW, there is a WordPress coming without any Gutenberg: CodePress. Can hardly wait for its release. 😉

    This “blocks” debacle is a total sack of *#%! I have lost content and had real difficulty adding video blocks, which was DEAD EASY with the original WordPress editor.

    I also have reasonably sophisticated HTML skills. Having to “fit the mold” is very frustrating. This could be a showstopper for me as far as WordPress is concerned.

    Have a look at how many active installations of the “disable” that @duisterdenhaag mentions. That’s called feedback

    It’s a monstrosity, it has completely made my life hell with editing existing clients websites…

    Thank you Patrick for the disable plugin link… I can’t thank you enough!

    I also abohor the new Block Editor. I’m currently using the offered plugin that prevents it, and I will continue to do so. If that plugin is ever taken away, I would hope someone else creates a reputable plugin to block the new Block editor. If the “Classic Editor” is ever completely unavailable, “good money says” that someone will find a way to recreate it. Please leave off this horrible Block editor concept.

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    There already is: ClassicPress. That’s a pre-Gutenberg forked version of WordPress.

    I agree with Patrick 1000%!!! WordPress is the absolute worst time wasting crap.
    I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!

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