• I used Yoast and decided to test Smartcrawl. At first the plugin is very good, but I had a big problem. After a while I found in Search Console that virtually all of my store products were marked “No Index.” By accessing Smartcrawl products and advanced dashboard,
    I saw that they really had the index key turned off. This gave me a big problem, as several well-placed pages eventually disappeared from Google. So I had to go one by one activating and indexing within the Google search console to index them quickly. So I think it’s a plugin error, because by default indexing should be on. The features are very good, but for me that I have over 400 pages to index it is difficult to go one by one activating.

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    Hi @laserstore,

    I’m sorry to hear about this issue, it certainly sounds concerning 🙁

    Can you tell me if you imported Yoast options or you disabled Yoast, activated SmartCrawl and configured it from scratch?

    Also, what are you using for your products, Woocommerce or some other plugin?

    I would like to give this some tests on my end so if you have any other information in addition to the above questions that could help with replicating this, I would highly appreciate it.



    I imported Yoast options when I installed SmartCrawl. I deactvated Yoast. I use Woocommerce for products. At that time I didn’t realize that this happened to almost every product.


    Plugin Support Jonathan – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @laserstore,

    Hope you’re doing well!

    We apologize for the inconvenience that you had this issue.

    I’ve tested the import feature from Yoast to Smartcrawl and could not replicate this I’m afraid. It is possible that this happened on your site for some different reason. Is it possible to temporary re-activate Yoast and export the settings that you had? Please upload the the file to a DropBox or Google Drive and share a link with us.

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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