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  • Hi, I’m using the latest SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 plugin, I found today that a lot of spam meaningless words have appeared in the recent search terms section.
    Those spam words look like this

    I got lots of words like above, I tried search them in google but with no results, so apparently those words are not from valid search engine referels.

    Could anyone let me know how I can stop this and where do they come from in the first place.

    Thank you in advance!

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  • I have found a half solution to this problem.
    At first, I think this is something called referel spam, but then I found out that I can add search terms into anybody’s websites that use this plugin via a google redirect link like below

    Just replace the term after “q” parameter.
    Why google would allow this in the first place.

    So my trick is to check the terms consist of only one word, I create a white list, if the single word match the words in my white list, it is saved. If not, it is passed. In this way I might lose some keywords but I can stop the random strings as well.

    If anyone have better ideas, please let me know.

    I did find couple of such spam keywords when we used it on our blog In some cases, we could not tell the different between the spam search terms & a non-standard character. I also saw non-English keywords. It was more like Turkish language. So I am not sure if that Google sent that traffic to us for such a keyword or if someone changed it manually to arrive at our website, which would be ridiculous to do so! Why would someone spend more time trying to do that? Any what would they get out of doing it?

    Well anyways, starting today, we are discontinuing the use of this plugin. Are you using the plugin even now? Have you seen any decline in Search Engine Traffic, especially in the month of March?

    Please share your thoughts.


    @ewdrobert, I didn’t use this plugin months ago. My solution did stopped those abnormal keywords, but I thought well maybe I should spend more time concerning about writing instead of those SEO tricks. So I uninstalled this plugin, my traffic is not much but I didn’t notice any significant decline as well.

    @solagirl Thanks for your reply. I wouldn’t deny that this plugin was initially helpful to get traffic. But with the recent Google’s algorithm update, this plugin really acted against the website, rather than acting in favor of it. And upon further research, it revealed that most of the other websites who are using this plugin also got penalized.

    Yes, you are doing good by focusing on writing. Even we are not using this plugin anymore, so hopefully we will get back our rankings. We did use to rank in the 1st page of Google search results for many keywords, but it all fell because of this plugin. So we are personally never going to use it again.

    @ewdrobert, thanks for sharing the useful information. I didn’t notice the recent Google’s algorithm update.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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