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  • I checked one of my sites today and I was getting a script error so I looked at the source and found a lot and I mean a lot of invisible links were placed in my footer by I logged into my wp control panel and removed the links. My question is what should I do? I removed the links and changed my password.

    Any help would be great thanks.

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  • crap I did not know they would turn the URL into a click able link. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK

    You can email a moderator and ask them to remove the link in your post above.

    Changing your password or deleting the links the robot (hacker) put in will not fix the problem as robot will just add more links. Usually, the robot doesn’t need your password to hack your site.

    So, the problem is internal which means you need to have FTP access. If you have FTP accesss, I suggest you delete all the links the robot generated into your FTP and delete the .htaccess as well (create a new one once you are done).

    Then, upgrade to the newest version of WordPress.

    If you don’t have FTP access, then ask your hoster to fix the problem.

    [removed “live” link in original post]

    There is noway you received such links from my site???
    I concentrate my efforts into creating games for preschool learning, not configuring some sort of hacking devices?

    If you have a problem and wish to explain what problems you have been receiving, please contact me through the website.

    Calvin Kent

    For future reference, keep a current backup of your WordPress Theme. If hacked, delete the whole Theme directory via FTP and upload the backup. That will quickly remove the links, unless they have setup a file outside of your /wp-content/themes directory.

    Digging through the Theme code is slow and can cause more errors if you remove something you think is spam or hack code when it is legit, so take great care in editing the Theme files. Replace them totally is the fastest method. Make your password complicated and check with your web host on how to ensure your files are not writable unless necessary and protected within their system.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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