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    Hi, I got couple of questions.

    1. In settings misc- File Downloads what is the link between file download limit and download link expiration. As an example lets say , File Download Limit is 5 and Download Link Expiration is 24 hours. That means within 24 hours it can be downloaded only 5 times and then the purchase is no long valid or 24 hour period time means 1 of 5 limits ? Im little bit confisued about that.

    2. In Terms of Agreement, I checked Agree to Terms option and filled all the details needed. At checkout page when I clicked show terms it just went to the top of the page by adding # to end of the url and nothing happens (ex: How can I solve this? (and also when I enable ajax and clicked the purchase button the same thing happen with # and there is no redirection or shopping card widget updating)

    3. I have forced the user to login or register at the checkout. After the purchase done how that particular user can his purchase history to redownload the file later? I logged in as a normal user but there is no section as purchase history in dashboard or something.

    Ill let u knw if I got more issues but for now I need to solve above issues soon as possible
    Thank you

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  • Plugin Author Pippin Williamson


    1. It means customers can download files a maximum of 5 times within 24 hours. After 24 hours, no further downloads will be permitted.

    2. Sounds like you have a javascript error. Try switching to one of the default themes for a moment to see if it works then. Does it?

    3. They just need to login and go to the page that you have placed the [purchase_history] or [download_history] short code on.

    lets say 24 hrs is over and download link no longer valid. what if the user need to download it from his purchase history after 24 hours? do i have to do manually or is it automated ? and how to do it ?

    another thing i have set 5 times for the download. and i tried 3 times in a row and after that i couldnt go for the next 2 tries and it said you hit max limit. do i have to give some interval between clicking the download link. that 3 times was happened within one minute or so. let me know…

    Plugin Author Pippin Williamson


    The download links in purchase history regenerate each time the page is loaded, so they won’t expire like that.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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