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  • I have a website I built from scratch in 2001 that has about a thousand total pages, and I was attempting to transfer and convert everything from my current site over to wordpress.

    I’m finding it nearly impossible to make my current site a “wordpress site”.

    I thought with all its features, plugins and ease of use, that I could make wordpress a way to maintain my whole site.

    But my site isn’t just a blog. There is also a lot of content pages and some of those pages have flash, java, and some ‘fancy like’ HTML that wordpress can’t seem to handle. I’m just running into so many issues trying to transfer everything.

    I know it’s free software and I’m not trying to complain, but I’m just wondering… Have any others had success with using wordpress as a content management system and a way to handle thre whole website? Or was I wrong to try and use wordpress for this?

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  • I’ve had success, but since WP does quite a bit of auto formatting (both w/ a function named wpautop, and also the tinymce editor — if you’re using the visual editor — does its own mangling of code, even if it’s specified in the tinymce code window). I found it problematic to attempt to insert raw html, javascript, or other code into pages/posts without it ending up trashed (mangled by WP!)

    What I ended up doing was using a plugin named templatedia to store code that I didn’t want altered by WP (javascript, raw html, etc), and then used templatedia template tags within posts/pages to insert the code stored in template items into the content. But, if I recall, I even ended up needing to modify the templatedia plugin somewhat to leave the specified code exactly as I specified it.

    I do know where you’re coming from however. It can be done. But, getting WP to leave your code alone is the most difficult part.



    Are you using your own templates? You might want to look into creating your own theme. Here’s some good information:

    I know how you feel…I like the look and feel of WordPress. But there’s so much more CMS functionality to Joomla. But, in my hands at least, Joomla looks like the illegitimate poster child from a cross between Amish or Eastern European Industrial design.

    I am about to break down and hire one of those inexpensive wunderkinds from India via Elance and have them re-do the site in a warmer look.

    Unless someone can recommend an US/Canada based developer for competitive rates.

    Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso


    I am going to be bridging Joomla! themes for use with WordPress, I started with Firenzie by Rocket Theme. You would just upload all your Joomla! theme files into the theme folder, then add the 8 or so files I would do. functions.php, home.php and the likes.

    If you have a nice Joomla theme, which are more CMS feel to them, I most likely can bridge it, at least get it very close, but you have to have the original theme files, I wont supply the theme files, just the bridge files.

    KevinOhWooster, I think you would be better off bridging WordPress themes for use in Joomla. My biggest complaint w/ Joomla is lack of decent, attractive themes. Why would anyone want to use Joomla themes in WordPress, when there are already so many good looking themes available for WP?

    The frustration that denovo expressed concerning Joomla themes is absolutely correct IMO. Most people that develop Joomla themes start w/ the default theme, which is hideous IMO. Thus, you can almost always ID a Joomla implementation on sight!

    My second complaint w/ Joomla is the semi-difficult admin area (when compared to WordPress). I am in need of a back end that I can hand over to my customers, and will not be too difficult for an average person to use. WordPress is beautiful for this. I once attempted to explain the Joomla admin area to a customer and ended up losing the job, since he had a very difficult time with it.

    My beef with Joomla, besides the fact that it’s not the most intuitive piece of software around and is overkill for most web sites, is that even if you manage to create a tableless theme/design, Joomla always sneaks its own little tables in there and that is maddening.

    If you are interested in WP as a CMS and haven’t thrown in the towel yet, or chewed all your fingernails off and still haven’t pulled all your hair out .. try some of those magazine type themes.

    There are a couple of nice, well written free themes you can find here:



    Both by designer Justin Adlock. I have no affiliation with Justin, I just like his work and have played around with both themes. Quite customizable and there’s some great code in there that helps mold WP more to what you want.

    Don’t give up yet. Remember that WP has some great plugins, the best ever, and is very very search engine friendly right out of the box not to mention the SEO specific plugins it has. Don’t know if you can say that about Joomla, Drupal, etc.

    Eastern European Industrial design

    Heh. I’ll have to ask my web design partner and our team’s graphic artist what Eastern European Industrial design looks like. 😛

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