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  • hummm … I was doing the same search today …

    It’s very frustrating that Yoast can’t explain how his plugin is implemented!

    I did find one comment somewhere here in the forum that suggests that the data is kept in the wp database. I did some snooping and did find that in my case there were over 600 “yoast” entries in my wp_postmeta table so I have a feeling that the comment may be correct. I also did some prelim digging into his plugin code and that looks like he is creating a sitemap on the site.

    So, I don’t have any idea what in H___ is going on! I just know that I am not getting any Google hits even though I have the sitemap option turned on!

    In waltzing around google I do find that he is pretty good about replying,
    though I am certain he and his team are busier than a one armed paper hanger.

    Strange your not getting any google hits … what do you mean by “hits”?

    Is your site a new site? On webmaster tools are you indexed with no or low errors?

    I didn’t see the comment on the WP Database – perhaps I’ll try to look there but I would be pretty adverse to changing something there.

    I also posted something tonight on the use of the advance tabs (noindex nofollow) and when does the XML sitemap regenerate, and a second question on the logout/?_wpnonce and how I can set this to noindex nofollow.

    I have not yet asked – but I am also very curious as to why sometimes when I go to SEO XML Sitemap I get a very nice screen showing the sitemaps and other times when I go I get a text string … perhaps the sitemaps are running under some kind of background chron process and you get the text string when it’s running?

    As I used the advance tab to noindex several pages … and I still have unchanged XML sitemaps after – and now I have the text string – I will be curious to see if the noindex are gone when I get back to the pretty page showing the xml site maps.

    Finally – when I look at webmaster tools – I seem to have a robots.txt – when I look in my directories or on the edit function of Yoast SEO it tells me I have no robots.txt … so I am curious as to how this all works …


    Here is my problem. I have Yoast sitemap turned on and when I click on the XML Sitemaps button it displays some sitemap links to me. BUT, when I log into my Webmaster Google account it says that I don’t have a sitemap!

    ok – first it was doing what I said … when you have text it is apparently generating a new sitemap as this morning I have “fresh” sitemaps.

    for your problem – depending on how you have configured Yoast when you look at the XML sitemap you should see a page (the url should be

    When you go to webmaster tools – make sure 1st your site is correctly defined …
    www – and http:// are not the same …

    the first time you submit a site map – you must submit the site map

    first step should be to cut and paste the individual sitemap name into submit site map in googlewebmaster … do a test first and it will tell you if they find your sitemap.

    try using one of the sitemaps shown on the page

    might be —

    if your seeing www then make sure webmaster for your site is defined as www
    if your seeing http then make sure webmaster for your site is define as http

    I know I am being pedantic here but if we are going to try to figure this out
    we need to start at the first step …

    sorry if I offended you

    Hi, IRedCord,

    Not offended. Just haven’t responded until now. I am the webmaster on the site and there are NO XML files on the site—anywhere!

    as far as I can tell the “physical” xml files – are not there – at least in a traditional sense,

    in terms of controlling generation and content of what’s listed in the Yoast xml files
    I’ve had quite some luck – I’ve been generally using the Titles + Metas tabs to manage
    in general terms the overall content, and the Advanced Tab on products and pages to exclude specific things.

    if your not seeing XML sitemaps on the Yoast sitemap tab then generally it would be either an issue with your theme integration of Yoast or the Yoast configurations done

    I added yesterday the robots.txt file (which wasn’t there) and re-submitted my site maps (setting many pages to nofollow noindex on the advanced tab),

    this morning when I checked there are still some errors which for some reason google has links to pages which are no longer there and are no longer in the site maps (I am not sure why these links remain persistent but they do) and for several listings google seems to ignore the Yoast information and google just puts stuff in from the page in the snippet (like footer information … or worse combines some of the Yoast data with some of the page data giving a totally random text snippet)

    other than the above – it would be hard to figure what is going wrong with your sitemaps – I always try to remember when I am frustrated: “Computers are stupid, they do exactly what we tell them to do”

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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