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  • I was very excited about this update

    So, do I. Because, I even had access to the beta version of this latest update that I presumed to be version 1.0, after seeing so many fancy things in it. 🙂

    Please note that this has been a major update after a ‘very’ long time. I didn’t expect it to work right out of the box for everyone, either.

    Just my thoughts on this topic. 🙂

    Hi @alpha4 you can try this patched plugin which has helped many in the past..It is a previous version

    W3TC Cache Preload for Version

    I am sure Frederick Townes will release another patched soon.

    Be aware that Google speed service will incur a charge in the future.

    Kind regards

    Thanks mbrsolution. I have reactivated wp-supercache now and it’s performing a lot better. The only problem wit supercache is the CDN part which is not as straightforward as Wp-Totalcache as it requires other plugins to upload content to the CDN.

    Glad to know WPSC works a lot better for you.

    Which CDN service do you use? If it is based on origin-pull feature, then there is no need to upload the content to the CDN.

    I’m using Amazon. I created a distribution and included wp-content, wp-includes, but when I activate CDN, the pages are missing images. Any suggestions?

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    The simple fact is that on the advice of core developers activation was changed to using WP APIs instead of my own implementation. That means that since this is a caching plugin and has to modify files on your server *unlike most plugins*, that if *anything* goes wrong you will have a negative experience. Despite the fact that there were no public releases, our enterprise clients were the focus of last year, which is what funded the 150+ features that were added. All of those customers and paid support customers are running fine, it’s the implementation of changes to writing to the disk and releasing to those into the wild that caused the majority of complaints.

    In addition, one of the best CDN providers available also changed their API at the same time.

    I’m sorry, making software that *intends* gives you all the same advantages as what large corporations have for free is a very challenging task. Thanks for trying W3TC anyway.

    Frederick, I didn’t intended to put down your plugin. On the contrary, I think it’s an impressive plugin, considering the fact that you’re offering it for free. I was merely commenting on the poor performance of the latest version. Am I going to give a shot again when you push a newer version? You bet. I’m even willing to pay for it if it does speed up my site.

    I’ve managed to get the update working without issues, I am on a VPS which allows me more options. Admittedly I was hesitant and followed peoples issues that were reported. I prepared for the worse (backed up and everything) and pulled the trigger. I disabled everything first, then deactivated and then updated. That said, I am a remodeling contractor by trade with a slight geeky background.

    Uninstall completely, is another option some have recommended, and deleting certain directories. Starting from scratch

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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