• I am in dire need of step by step instructions for just about everything in WordPress 2.7. It is SO hard to find the information you need in a quick fashion. I have been trying all day to get ad links posted to my blog and I have had luck with just one. I am VERY frustrated. I have paid for hosting so I am determined to use WP 2.7. I just need to know where to go for specific step by step instructions for things that should be simple. Any suggestions?

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  • What are you specifically having problems with? If you’re just after general info, in addition to the Codex, WordPress has a new video tutorial site up at WordPress.tv

    Try the wordpress for dummies book. Seriously, it’s pretty good for beginners.

    Also, Google WordPress tutorials.

    In my opinion, the Codex can be a bit confusing at first, because it can be difficult to separate out what is for advanced users and what is for basic users or beginners.

    But if you stick to the Getting Started section, you’ll find it less confusing.

    Also, please understand that questions posted in these forums are entirely answered by users — ordinary WordPress users that are sharing their knowledge with other users. Even the moderators are unpaid volunteers.

    So post specific questions in these forums and you may get more useful information.

    But it’s not a good place to vent your frustration with the (free) software. Again, we are all end-users — very few WP developers frequent these forums often.

    Thanks guys! I will try the wordpress.tv site. As for the venting, where else to vent? I’m sure all end-users at one time or another have been there. I definitely appreciate all the end-users like you who do take the time to respond in a professional manner. Thanks so much!

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