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    Hi all
    I’m using WordPress 3.4.2 with Subscribe2 8.5.
    I get emails for new posts, for registered users, but not confirmation emails.
    I’ve also tried to “Send Mail From” an administrator user with a valid e-mail address (using the same domain name of the web site), but it doesn’t solves.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  • @anto1945,

    Try installing a mail log plugin (google for “WordPress mail log”) and see if the confirmation emails are being generated in that log.

    If they are raise a ticket with your hosting provider asking them why these emials are not passing through the server policies and what must be done to correct this.

    I’ve installed Email Log Plugin

    After a new subscription in the log there is no e-mail.


    Just to clarify, the email appears in the log but does not arrive, correct?

    If that is the case then Subscribe2 and WordPress are working together and creating the email. It is being dropped or blocked somewhere later in the process, either on the server before sending or it’s being marked as spam somewhere.

    Check your spam folders and if it’s not in there then raise a ticket with your hosting provider.

    No, it is not correct:
    e-mail does not appears in the log (and does not arrive)


    When you enter an email address into the form and click ‘subscribe’ what happens on your web browser?

    When I click ‘subscribe’ the browser goes to the correct landing page.

    I’ve selected it in “Settings” > “Set default Subscribe2 page as ID”…

    Everything seems to work, but confirmation e-mail does not appears in the log (and does not arrive).


    Does the landing page have the Subscribe2 form on it? If not then the code is not hooked to process the details submitted which is maybe why nothing happens.

    I’ve added the subscribe2 shortcode in landing page and now it works!
    Thanks for the support.
    Perhaps, have I neglected this specification, reading the FAQ?

    Please, let me know the URL to donate you.
    Can I use “Donate to this plugin”?


    I’m glad you have things working. Yes, that donate link comes to me, thanks for considering it.

    I have a similar but not identical problem. I installed this for a client, there is a dedicated Subscribe page where the S2 form is visible. When I subscribe with an e-mail address at confirmation notice does not come at all. When I subscribe with a e-mail confirmation mail comes hours, perhaps overnight late.

    However, when I subscribe with my private email or a .edu address the confirmation mail for subscribe or unsubscribe arrive instantly. I am not sure how to proceed.

    The sending of mails is from a user whose e-mail is on the same domain, and it is able to send mail to some domains but not others. Yet, a third domain gets the mail but with a great delay.

    You can check the behavior at:

    you will see the Subscribe page on the menu. Any direction to resolve this issue will be much appreciated.


    That’ll probably be down to Microsofts email servers and spam filters. For the hotmail address, check the spam bin, other than that there is very little that you can do about it.

    Thank you for your reply. Hotmail seems to be a fortress! However, if I subscribe to the updates on another site I maintain with my address the confirmation mail arrives very quickly. I am trying to ascertain if it is worth my effort to pursue this problem with the ISP mail system. My understanding from your reply is that if it is going to some addresses, others who do not receive confirmation mail is due to their own mail system. Is that a fair assessment?

    Thank you again


    It is worth making sure your ISP server is not on any blacklists. Most ISPs work hard to endure their servers stay clean these days but it is worth getting them to have a check.

    Thank you, we have mostly resolved the issue. We will likely put some explanatory text on the subscribe page in case they do not receive confirmation letters. But currently it is mostly operational. Thank you.


    Good news, thanks for the update. Make sure to advise potential subscribers to check their spam filters too, emails can often arrive but be filtered out at the users end.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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