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    I seem to be getting a 500 Internal Server Error when i publish a post.

    I am using a plugin called ‘Network Publisher’ provided by ‘Links Alpha’ which automatically shares my posts on Facebook and Twitter within minutes of me publishing it. And that is the exact time when i encounter this 500 error. This lasts for 5mins. After 5mins the site is working fine as usual. Even my wp-admin shows this 500 error.

    Any solution to this? What could be the cause?

    I contacted my host (HostGator) and they couldn’t resolve this issue. They asked me to contact WP support forums so hence i’m asking for help.

    Eagerly awaiting your reply.

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  • esmi


    Have you tried deactivating all plugins to see if this resolves the problem? If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).



    Nope, i haven’t deactivated all plugins.

    This problem occurs only when i publish a post, which then gets shared on Facebook and Twitter automatically.

    So to re-activate the plugins (i have 45 in total) one by one till the problematic plugin(s) are found, i’ll have to write that many posts (45) and check for the erroneous one.

    Now, obviously, writing 45 posts will take me at least half a month, if not more. And i can’t afford to not use my plugins for more than one day, leave alone 15 days.

    So this is the problem i’m facing.

    Isn’t there any other method to find out if its a plugin issue or some other issue? And if plugin, then which plugin? (error logs or whatever?)

    Thanks for your quick reply.



    When i thank ‘you’ for quick reply, doesn’t mean you go to sleep next time.

    Please can you help me with this problem?

    Moderator James Huff


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    These forums are staffed by volunteers who give up their free time to help hundreds of people each day. I apologize that we have failed to meet your expectations.

    As for your little problem, Internal server errors are usually described in more detail in the server error log. If you have access to your server error log, generate the error again, note the date and time, then immediately check your server error log for anything useful. If you don’t have access to your server error log, ask your hosting provider to look for you.

    More than likely, it’s a plugin issue. And, more than likely, your server error log will confirm this but offer absolutely no help in identifying which one. In this case, you’ll have to deactivate all of them (yes, all of them). Then, activate one, make a test post, activate another, make a test post, and so on until you find the cause. It’s called troubleshooting, and sometimes it takes all day (or all week).



    Troubleshooting – seems [moronic explicative deleted] hard!

    lol thanks a lot for your help. Really appreciated.

    And also sorry about my previous comment. Didn’t knew these forums are staffed by volunteers who give their free time to help others.
    Really sorry.

    Will get back to you when i’m done trying your ‘troubleshooting’.




    De-activated all plugins (sometimes 1, and sometime 2-3 at a time) but still getting this error.

    Are you sure this is caused by plugins? If yes, then why isn’t my problem solved despite plugins being disabled?

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    Have you checked your server error log?



    I asked my host (HostGator) about this and this is what the replied:

    We could just find the following logs at that time (the time the 500 Internal Server Error got encountered) and nothing else:

    [Wed Jul 28 00:29:35 2010] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: admin-ajax
    .php, referer:
    [Wed Jul 28 00:29:35 2010] [error] [client] SystemException in API_Linux.cpp:172: setui
    d() failed: Resource temporarily unavailable, referer:
    [Wed Jul 28 00:29:35 2010] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: index.php,

    So what does this mean?

    Moderator James Huff


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    That means that it’s either a plugin conflict or a corrupt file. Since we’ve eliminated plugins, try downloading WordPress again and delete then replace your copies of the /wp-admin/ and /wp-includes/ directories with fresh copies from the download.

    On rare occasions, theme function files can conflict like plugins, so if replacing the files doesn’t work, try switching to the Twenty Ten theme to rule-out a theme-specific issue.



    I upgraded to WP 3.0.1 today. Still getting 500 error.
    Do i still need to download WP again?



    It is recommended, yes.

    But first, open up .htaccess and delete everything in it. Upload and check if the error remains, if so, paste the code back into the .htaccess file since that isn’t the issue.

    Copy the entire download folder to the root so it will override all files (if you did changed the core files and need that modifications to remain, don’t copy the entire folder.)

    If you copy the entire downloadfolder, save the wp-config.php in the root because that is holding info to connect to the database ( the database will be remained)



    Hmm, this sounds similar to a problem I have been having. Upgraded to WP3.0.1 and get an Internal Server Error whenever I’m logged into WP-admin and click on the Posts tab.

    All of my plugins were deactivated during the manual upgrade and were updated and activated one by one. Also, upgraded to the latest version of Thematic at the same time.

    I have now tried changing to the default theme that comes with WP and found that the Internal Server Error disappears. Therefore, the problem seems to be with the theme I am using.

    Your problem might be something similar. Usually, when you get an Internal Server Error and there is a plugin conflict or corrupt WP file, the problem arises immediately and in several areas at once (usually in wp-admin). Your problem doesn’t sound like this; sounds more like a theme problem…?



    Hey thanks for the reply Redcentaur.

    The problem was not with the theme. It was with a plugin. RELATED POSTS THUMBNAIL. That plugin did a lot of mess and made so many useless files which ran so many unused scripts. So disabled that plugin now and problem is solved.

    But does anyone know what i should be doing with those files? Can i delete it now or will there be any side effect like broken links or whatever?

    The plugin used images of posts to show as thumbnail and rather than using the one i already upload to my wp/content, it started creating its own and that too not an image but a page linking to that image. This led many of my users to get the 404 error because no such page actually existed. The plugin just created link to page but nothing on the page.

    So can i clear the mess this plugin caused? How?

    Thanks everyone one for chipping in with their knowledge to help me out.

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