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    So I had a peak at the code, and it looks like it doesn’t inject any tracking code if the current user is an admin… So i imagine everyone here is logged in as an admin (or has the ‘manage_options’ acl, so they are not seeing any tracking code or events firing to google.

    if ( is_admin() || current_user_can(‘manage_options’) || $this->ga_standard_tracking_enabled == “no” ) return;

    I logged out and then started browsing my site, and immediately the real time date on google started showing up.

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  • Is working for me too, but is not working the ecommerce tracking.
    Is it working for someone?

    The ecommerce isn’t working for me, either. Has anyone heard whether there’s going to be a fix for this? It’s crucial we have that reporting working.

    I am having similar issues. I installed and configured latest woocommerce and commerce tracking plugin per woo instructions. I am only getting a few of the orders to track/post to GA, even thought I have been getting a bunch of orders through the site. I don’t have an exact count, but I suspect it is only posting maybe 10-20% of the orders received to GA. Not sure what to do. Been running for a week now, so it isn’t a GA processing delay issue.

    Update to what I have seen. In the past week since installing I have received 17 orders. The GA tracking only picked up 4 of those. There does not appear to be anything special about the sales that are not getting picked up. After I first installed, I got the first couple orders up on GA right away, then there was a big gap for a few days with zero orders posted, then I have seen a couple get posted today. The gap is mostly with missing orders in the middle of the period where nothing was recorded.

    Pretty strange.

    I have had this plugin installed for a while now with ecommerce enabled. It works fine, i.e. it reports all ecommerce transactions.



    I have the same issue as @eurekaadminguy. Only a small percentage of sales as record on the client’s dashboard are coming through to GA.

    @amitramani what Goals have you got set up in GA to capture the sales confirmations if any?

    In my setup, I have the ecommerce reporting enabled. This allows detailed transaction information to show up in GA.
    In addition, I have a separate goal called “place an order” which is a destination goal. This also tracks the full completion of the checkout process. I can share this goal with you if you would like. The url for the destination page has to match, otherwise this goal will not work.

    When you say that only a small percentage of sales show in GA, does that mean only a subset of the transactions show under GA ecommerce report?

    Also, check to make sure you don’t have any filters set up in GA that may be inadvertently removing valid traffic?

    Also, can you log out of admin in wordpress, reach the checkout thank you page and then do a view source to make sure the GA Ecommerce code is included on your site?

    Hi all,

    I have installed Google Tag Manager to completed/enhanced the GA by Yoast & GA by WC info.(puzzle).

    The developer was dedicated to his plugin. Recently include weather data too for your remarketing purpose.

    Take a look, worked great.

    Plugin Author Claudio Sanches


    @ihartney Exactly, it will not crawl administrators.
    To test must simulate using a customer or a guest user.

    It’s too good to warn everyone:
    Your theme must follow the WordPress standards using the wp_head() in header.php.

    So I have the same problem as many others have logged here. Only some of the ecom transaction are registering. Here is my theory. In our case, we are using paypal. The kind where customers are taken to paypal site to complete transaction. When finished paying, the customer can either return to the site by clicking a link or are auto redirected to the woo thank you page after 10 seconds. My theory is many don’t wait and close the browser thinking – correctly – that they have completed the purchase. So the GA tracking on the Woo thank you page never has a chance to fire.

    I installed and correctly configured this a week ago. Yesterday a client made a purchase and it did not show in analytics.

    I’m lost, I have no idea what’s wrong.

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