• Hello, I want to explain a nasty story …

    But before thanking you for the great work you are doing, I love mycred and I have great plans in my projects thanks to mycred 🙂

    Well in one of my projects I need to create a draw, the first thing I do is go to mycred and buy the Lottery plugin … When I want to use it I have the surprise that I need to first approve the license to use the plugin … as I did not have A domain name for the project even, I had to wait … make offers and buy a domain … when I buy it, I register it in the plugin and finally I could use the plugin … I realize the grans And is that the plugin does not work on my website … here the problems begin …

    Immediately I get in touch with the seller and I tell him that I want to make a return, to buy another pugin of drawings they have on the web …

    He tells me that this is not possible, he can only return the money … when I ask him to return the money he tells me that he only had 14 days to return it and I can not do it anymore … I told him that the license had approved the day Previous … on the web it says that if the plugin does not work, the seller returns the money (it is logical) …

    But no..

    Now I have a plugin that I can not use … I lost my $ 69 and I do not want to buy more plugins because my experience was horrible … then I have to cancel my project or part of the project … when in fact my proposal was to change Of plugin aside I want to buy two more plugins later … mycred does not lose money .. quite the opposite … and besides I as a client would be happy …

    But no, I have the impression that I was robbed, because I lost $ 69 and I have not obtained anything of value ..

    Could you please tell me if this is correct?

    Thank you..

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  • Plugin Author MyCred


    Hey nuevamarca.

    You contacted me after using the plugin for over 45 days asking if you could swap it for another plugin since the add-on “was not working the way you wanted it to work”.

    I informed you that I do not offer swaps or refunds for plugins that have been actively being used for over 45 days. I offer 14 days full money back guarantee for all sales. 45 days is just way to long.

    Once I declined your request you immediately went to PayPal and demanded your money back because all of the sudden “the plugin has never worked”. You have not opened a single ticket asking for help with these “issues”.

    You agreed to the terms and conditions in the store when you checked out. You have been actively using the plugin and you never contacted me asking for help to resolve any issues.

    Instead, now you are calling me names and just today you send threats! I understand you are angry because you did not get your way, and I am sorry, but rules are rules.

    Oh and you also forgot to mention that you used another businesses VAT number in order to avoid having to pay VAT on your purchases, so now I have to pay it.

    This manipulating information, just as it has been manipulated to win the debate with paypal …

    Now he has sent me a message saying that they kick me out of mycred ..

    You own the site, and you know perfectly well that my first download was one day before I contacted you to say that the plugin did not work, from the first message I told you that it did not work ..

    You despite knowing that your plugin does not work, you do not want to give back money …

    For me this is scam .. and also wants to kick me out of mycred ..

    Please can someone tell if this is normal ????

    I had to buy another plugin, because the one that bought did not serve me … I paid twice for a product …

    The owner of this plugin wants money above client, that is clear ..

    I do not recommend this site, I will say it here and I will tell it on all the websites .. I feel cheated and the owner does not care, try to manipulate all the bad comments that I leave …

    But it’s simple, if you sell something that does not work, it returns the money and more knowing that you download the plugin one day before complaining that it did not work …

    Plugin Author MyCred


    Customers that make threats against me or my business are not welcome in my store. As I told you, I will be refunding all your payments and revoking your licenses for the premium plugins you purchased.

    myCRED is open source and you are welcome to continue to use it.

    How well he spoke when he spoke publicly.

    I do not threaten anyone, I just said you took my money, and now when I’m saying badly about you everywhere, you want me to kick mycred …

    Was not it easier to think a little about me? And say no problem, send the plugin and we will give the one that can serve you …

    Would you save time, would not cost you any money, and earn a loyal customer who would trust you?

    This is a disaster, I forgot that I took 69 $, but you sent me a message saying not to use any of its plugins, what do you mean by this? I do not understand…

    A very bad management on your part, sir.

    I propose something, it is simple ..

    I give you the lottery plugin, I’ll keep the last plugin you buy, and you give me the $ 69 and you’ll have the VAT money …
    Osea 69 $ – VAT = the money that returns me for the plugin that I did not work.

    So everyone happy … I will not feel cheated, and you have not lost anything, you have earned a client and money ..

    we have a deal?

    Plugin Author MyCred


    This is the forum for the myCRED plugin.

    For premium plugins, please use the support ticket system on the mycred.me website where I am available Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM (GTM+1).

    Me gusta mas cuando habla públicamente.. al menos es mas respetuoso conmigo…

    I like it more when he speaks publicly … at least he is more respectful to me …

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    *Raises hand*

    @nuevamarca This is not the place for you to air your dissatisfaction with this plugin or any issues you have with the “pro” plugin. I am closing this topic.

    For pro or commercial product support please contact the author directly on their site.

    As the author is aware, commercial products are not supported in these forums. As you are their customer I am sure they will have no problem supporting you there.

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