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  • or do I have to?

    Goodmorning Mr. Alex,

    Sorry to tell you but I don’t like the most things you do with your update.
    Your Delicacy theme version 1.2.4 is a simply but very nice theme! I love it!!
    The 1.2.6 version missing that simply layout.

    The things that I struggle with:
    Nivo-slider I have changed in 1.2.4 but if I change the nivo.css I created in the 1.2.6 update it is not very nice.

    The layout of the posts. The extra (mini)photo does not fit my layout, can I somewhere delete this option.

    I missing by Directions the options to change the text or to put in a link. (see my carpaccio recipe with link to my pesto recipe) Also I don’t like the counting.

    Can I delete somewhere the total time (culinary recipe, count of cooking)

    I really like the option what the slider had to display: recent posts!! (my ”live” blog, version 1.2.4) (my testsite, version 1.2.6)

    Maybe you have to consider to make a Delicacy 2.0 Theme with version 1.2.6 and leave the Delicacy Theme with version 1.2.4 😉

    Sorry for this not so nice message but yesterday I spend a lot of time to make it works with version 1.2.6 🙁

    I really like to hear from you with some tips/how to’s.

    BTW. I have tried to make a Child-Theme for the nivo-slider and the language but that does not work. The problem is this is my first website and I am working now 1+ week with WordPress so I have to learn a lot.

    Thank you very very much.

    Best Regards,
    (Netherlands, so sorry for my English)

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  • Theme Author alex27



    Sorry to hear that, but the changes are here to stay. The main reason I made changes to recipes, was to make it compatible with Google Rich Snippets. This format requires for the recipes to contain certain information, total time being one of them. I might consider working on the Directions part of recipe to enable some amount of basic HTML though. If you don’t like the new recipe layout you could always consider not using Delicacy built in recipes but opt for one of recipe plugins instead.
    As for Nivo slider – if you don’t like the way it looks, you can modify the CSS yourself, for example via My Custom CSS plugin. Although all I did in comaprison with previous version was the addition of slider navigation in top right corner.
    And lastly, if you cant make 1.2.6 work you can always go back to 1.2.4, and simply not update in the future.

    Good luck!

    Thanks for your reply Alex. I appriciate all the work you did and do! I will testing 1.2.6 further with your comments above in mind.

    Best Regards,

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