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  • I’ve really tried to be patient but I need to get my site going this afternoon at the latest. I need to post some time sensitive content on the site.

    It seems that this forum is overwhelmingly too busy to help address my issue, is there somewhere else I can go for tech support? I don’t want to bother people here because I know everyone posting here has a problem with their wordpress…

    Kindly take a few seconds to point me where else I can go to get my wordpress issue resolved so I can quit posting in vain here.

    Here is my issue: Every time I try to either save or publish a post that contains any sort of media (i.e. pictures, graphics, audio, video, etc. I get redirected to a page on my site that says “not found, 404 error”). However, if I publish plain text only, it will publish fine (unfortunately my site is a multi-media site).

    Also, if I try to use the toolbar to add media I receive a message that says “http error”.

    One more detail: At the top of the screen I get redirected to it says “Nothing found for for Wp-admin Post Php”, if this further clarifies the situation.

    It only started doing this when I upgraded to 2.8 a couple days ago. I have since downgraded back to 2.7.1 but the problem has persisted.

    Please help or at the very least point me somewhere else I can go to have this fixed. I appreciate your time and effort in helping me get this resolved.

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