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    I want to post something from another site. When I do do this, it automatically goes to my home page then to my other page. Example, if I was posting a you tube video and wanted it strictly under my “Video” section of my website, it would go to my “home” page then my “video” page. I want it directly to the “video page” only…how do I do that?

    Question 2
    How do I write an article for my home page and then after 50 some words..have “to continue reading article…”and then have the user go directly to my page that it is listed fully on? Example, I am writing a blog about a basketball player being traded. I write only a few short words in my story and then have the reader follow a link to another page on my website, to finish the story. Going from the home page to my “NBA Basketball” How do I do this?


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  • Time to spend some time reading and getting familiar with the tool you are using… > Codex, the online manual!

    1. By default everything goes to your main page.
    Make posts in different categories and use a plugin to exclude certain categories from showing up on your main/home page: scroll up, click Extend > Plugins… and search for “category excluder”

    2. Try to learn every button above your Writing area.

    So no matter what everything will go to my home page? Is that just how WordPress works?

    which plug in do i use?

    Search for category exclude plugins.
    Or read up on The_Loop and modify your theme’s index.php file.

    dude im having the same problem. i have plenty of posts, and i’m starting to want to add videos to them, but its not ideal to have like 10 videos per page. i want to make my visitors click the post to read the rest and or watch the video of the topic.

    are there any plugins? why does the WHOLE post have to be shown on the homepage, i though clicking the post should “unfold” the rest of it to the visitor. wordpress cant be that user unfriendly!

    for question 2, to display “continue reading” or else, use this code:


    That’s all

    If you want to change “more” to your language, simply add your text between <!–moreYOUR TEXT GOES HERE–>

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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