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  • copperandlace


    Hi, I’m new to WordPress and admittedly intimidated.
    I used to doctor up html codes back in the day for Xanga layouts (a little embarassing to admit), but CSS is a new beast for me.
    I’m looking to make a website that fits my aesthetic– handmade/DIY.
    I’ve made a collage for my splash page, scanned it as JPEG and want to make a website with a lo-fi feel.
    How do I create a splash page without a search bar at the top or footer at the bottom?
    I want my splash page to click-thru to a page where a number of other jpegs serve as links to subpages…
    Anyplace I could find simple coding to do this? I think I can fill in the blanks if given a soft template, I just don’t know CSS.
    Thanks for your thoughts and considerations. I appreciate your time!

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  • CPC Mike


    That is certainly doable. First you need to find a theme to work with. There are many easily customizable themes in the repository. Find one matches your taste and preferably one that has been updated recently.

    You might find it easier to set up a test server on your local coomputer using WAMP or other before you go live. This makes it easier to test multiple themes without being public viewable.

    As for the splash screen, just go to the plugins section of this site and search for “splash”. There are several plugins available that will do exactly what you want.

    As you progress with your site, use this forum to search for answers and ask questions. Also take advantage of extensive documentation available.

    I wish you success and hope to see you on the forums.

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