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    I needed an event organizer that would replicate a paper agenda and I was given the option of paying thousands of € to make an App. This plugin has simply saved my wallet!

    That was my first impression. Then the plugin started breaking and breaking things, literally by the minute. Now I understand why so many complaints about instability.

    From 5 stars to 3 in one day. Let’s see how long it’ll take until I downgrade to 1 only (or get back to 5). I simply hate faulty products, and certainly puts off any intention of purchasing add-ons!

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  • Have you checked to see if another plugin/theme you’ve chosen is fighting with the All-in-One calendar:

    Otherwise, it is a pretty heavy plugin, so you need to have adequate hosting.


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    Unfortunately I have had the whole thing checked by a developers company and they confirmed the problem is within Calendar, its heavy library and some AIAX requests. But they also said they can fix it, so I believe you can improve it as well.
    Your plugin is exactly what I need so I will probably have it fixed by these guys, my concern will only be on any updates you’ll release, as they may cause new conflicts.
    Anyway, please help me understand HOW heavy it is, so that I can discuss it with my ISP too.

    I’m a co-founder of Timely.. (the company behind this plugin). Can you send me a link to your site – either here (or let me know if you want my email address to send to me that way).

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    Hello Bradley, thank you for your support (I do receive your newsletters) and the will to investigate this matter.
    You can view my calendar on this page, where the plugin does works fine. The conflict actually lies in this other page, where at the footer you can see that the page content (i.e. the forum) is picked up and inserted in the widget. This happens as soon as I have one event; if there are no events then the problem disappear.
    I could send you in private my FTP just in case you need to investigate it further..

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    I have to confirm that the plugin breaks by the minute. Events are not shown, categories are not shown or don’t trigger the correct event,…
    I don’t think it’s just a conflict with my theme, because the plugin behaves differently each time.
    Please advice urgently…

    Can you move this over to the support forum please.. one of our team can look after it there..

    I see that you have another post there – so not sure if there is rated or not. but that is the best channel to access support.. sorry, I shouldn’t have tried to assist here.


    Hello arsenalemusica,

    I wanted to check in and see if you’ve identified the issues in the calendar breaking. As assisted in this support forum, we don’t think it should be from our plugin. It is a very solid and quality plugin, but being in the wordpress framewok may conflict here and there with other plugin.

    I really want to make sure you have a great experience and deserve those 5 stars you initially gave us 🙂

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    hello there, I’m having a developer look at my theme and he corrected the problem. So I guess that the calendar should not have any problem, but I cannot exactly tell what WordPress feature was conflicting with it. In case he will explain it to me I will report it here. However, I need more time to play with it and see if it works smoothly.
    Sure it deserves 5 stars as a plugin.

    Thank you arsenalemusica!
    Looking forward to seeing you very satisfied of our plugin 🙂


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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