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  • I’m a little confused on how to use the subscription plugins. I have the ‘Subscribe2’ & ‘Subscribe to Comments’ plugins installed and activated. The subscribe widget shows up in the sidebar of my site, however, what does this quick subscribe accomplish? After clicking the confirmation email I don’t receive a password or anything. Would the purpose for me (the site owner) be only a means to notify people of updates?

    After subscribing & confirming I tried to comment on a post, which then asked me to log in. The login screen went to WordPress admin which then showed a register link to subscribe to the site. Is this how it’s supposed to work?

    I realize that I could turn the comment registration off, possibly allowing SPAM; however, is there a way to capture email addy’s and notify people of updates, while allowing them to register/subscribe to comments on the blog in one step?


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    For starters, the subscription plugins have nothing to do with becoming a registered member.

    There are differences between them, but none of them provide registration functionality.

    Thats why you were asked to login. You have your blog set up to only allow registered users to comment, and subscribing doesnt accomplish that.

    As to what the plugins do, its important to read the documentation that accompanies the plugin; that will usually tell you what they do.

    I’m confused, too. I don’t have the plugins that PennyRay has, but I have a handful of people who have “subscribed.” I don’t require people to log in to make comments. Why did they subscribe? What are they waiting for from me? Is this only so I have their emails if I ever send out a newsletter, which I don’t plan to do?

    I looked up subscribe on Codex and that does not help me.

    They probably subscribed to your RSS feeds. This way they can know when you have a new post without visiting the site. If they are interested in the post they will come over. Create a post and ding, they will know about it.

    You could be right, IcelandDream. Feedburner tells me I have a few subscribers, but the number of subscribers changes each day, whereas my number of User Subscribers in Admin stays the same (except when I get a new one.)

    So I thought MY subscribers (in Admin) might be for something else, like people who Registered. (and again, I don’t know why they did that.)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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