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  • BSS79


    I dont understand why there are so many people saying this plugins is awesome. I totally believe all those that give 5 star review are directly related to the developer and probably hire or doing him a favor to rate this plugin 5 stars. Below are my opinion:

    1) The plugins only allow you to set minimum range, maximum range shipping. What is the logic behind this? why set min, why set max? A shipping charges is suppose to calculate where user sending address is and come out with the shipping charges. And it should take consideration of weight, type of shipping (fast/slow), size, and etc.

    2) I try it out, cant figure out how to use it. When i do a checkout, it display “table rate (free)”. no documentation, no nothing to refer to.

    I believe all this plugin are intentionally design to work in a funny ways, so that it will direct user to the developer portal and hence allowing developer to provide other service to user. Stupid marketing Gimmick!!!!

    I will be trying another plugins…

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  • Plugin Author Ronin


    BSS79, I wanted to address your review. First I am sorry that you could not figure out how to use this plugin. If you have a question about it I am happy to offer any insight into how it works. Second I originally developed this plugin for a client that wanted a feature that would base the shipping cost off the price of their cart which is what it says in plugins description. I then decided to offer the plugin for others since I though more people would like this feature. If you are wanting to base shipping of weight, type of shipping (fast/slow), size, and etc I know there are other plugins available.

    On a side note, I have not been hired by anyone that uses this plugin or doing favors.

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    Hi author,

    Thanks for the reply and sorry for the cruel review. But a lot of people are just getting frustrated with free plugin whcih are not really free and have some other purpose around. Since you have explained clearly why this plugin was here, I guess I owe you an apologize.

    By the way, I was searching for useful plugin that are free, not because I am not willing to pay, but as a business startup, it is always good to have less capital investment. You never know end of the day, if the business is really working or not. If all the plugin is in trial mode, that would be really wonderful. It’s just my 10 cents….

    Hi BSS79, actually I’m looking for a plugin with feature that exactly this plugin provides. In some cases, like mine, I would like to offer cheaper rate if customer bought more stuff from me, and that’s where this plugin comes in.

    I am searching for free plugin also for my startup bnusiness…

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