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  • I can’t recommend Bluehost. I signed up based on WordPress recommendation and it’s been a disaster so far. There was a long outage on the second day of service right in the middle of the day.

    The help chat first said it was “an issue” with the server, then said it was maintenance. In any case, why would anyone do maintenance during the middle of the day?

    I wish WordPress would re-evaluate these recommendations.

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  • Any host will have an outage from time to time, but Bluehost is a bad host for a different reason:

    Bluehost only sells shared hosting.

    This means that if you are successful with a website, and get a large amount of traffic, they have no interest in helping you. Instead, your account is shut off, and you are referred to the terms of service department. Bluehost looks at high traffic websites as a problem that effects other accounts.

    If you expect your website to get traffic, use a host that is motivated to help successful clients. Bluehost is for born loser websites that will never need more than shared hosting.

    I offer this from first hand experience helping clients who have used Bluehost.

    Closing per forum rules.

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