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  • It’s hard to say this without sounding ungrateful for all the work people put into this. And I really love WP.
    But I just dloaded and installed 2.5, and was really disappointed.
    There were a lot of improvements, but I have two main concerns.

    -Poor backwards compatibility with theme/plugin.
    Granted, I’ve only spent little time on this, but my theme doesn’t work and the plugins has glitches.

    -Poor admin menu.
    This is more important though, I am really not pleased with the admin menu. It is too simple, and I find that it takes time to get the complete overview on each page. The colors don’t help either. It’s cool if it looks good, but this is the back end of my site, and therefore I just want it to work as efficiently as possible.

    I fear that I will have to use a lot of time and effort to update my site. But I also want the new improvements and the security. I don’t want to be stuck with 2.3 for ever. Help?

    One last disclaimer: These are my personal opinions, I don’t mean to start a flame war, and I know that 2.5 is still in beta and I that I haven’t tested it for a long time. I just had to say it.

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  • I don’t want to get too off-topic, but Fluency IS rather nice. Thanks for the link.

    Someone needs to develop a plugin to fix the Widgets control page though! Either restore it, or make it better. Don’t strip functionality.

    After playing around with a little more, I’ve come to like it a little more, so I think I’ll make the change when the final version is released.
    But I agree with all of you, there are some really nice new features, and also some major steps backwards.

    BTW, I found a really nice plugin that fixes the menu:

    I just want to clarify that the colours in the 2.5 admin area are completely configurable. If you’re using Chris’s demo installation, head over to the ‘Users’ area and you’ll be able to choose between two defaults.

    Back to the topic at hand though, I completely agree. I’m really not keen on this new interface whatsoever, and it seems like an amateur designer’s stab at producing something fresh and modern. Now, I know it wasn’t an amateur designer that produced the layout, so I’m really not sure how it’d ended up so unsatisfactory.

    I think WordPress would do very well to look at Movable Type’s admin theme (view demo — user/pass is demo/demo). For all Movable Type’s faults, one thing’s not really disputable: its admin area is a joy to look at and use, it looks consistent in all browsers (another WordPress failing), and it’s generally got a lot of polish.

    RyanWilliams: Wow, I had never seen Moveable Type’s admin area before and, I have to admit, this is what I expected of WordPress.

    The functionality of MT’s Write Page is quite efficient — and logically laid out. No scrolling required to reach all necessary areas AND, categories and publishing dates/status are where they belong, on the sidebar alongside the post.

    I’m absolutely blown away at how ridiculously bad the forthcoming Write Page is in WP2.5 — efficiency is greatly reduced. I’m on a 1680×1050 screen and I have to scroll just to reach the categories! And even then, I have to expand them because they are collapsed by default.

    Quite frankly, I have come to expect better from WordPress’s development team. But wow, did they ever miss the mark on that Write Page, and I won’t even get into the step backwards of the Widgets page with removal of the drag and drop.

    Colour me both unimpressed and disappointed. I expected better from WordPress than what they’re about to offer their community.

    I agree that the post write page rearrangement sucks big time. And where is the option to set post author? This one is absolutely essential to me!

    And yes, Fluency is great, although it doesn’t help with the above layout problems.

    Here’ my issue: Why no backward compatibility mode? Why not distribute WordPress 2.5 with the “new” admin theme and an alternate “compatibility mode” theme that replicates the old one?

    If you remove drag and drop functions from the new widget area, why not have a setting that says “use the older style of widget management” and leave the old code in? Same for almost every major regressive change that has occurred. I seem to remember seeing directives to plugin programmers to use conditional logic in their plugins for the changes between 2.5 and previous versions, why not have the main program do this as well?

    And the real issue no one (I believe) has mentioned: Any plugin that adds tables to the database will almost certainly fail if not rewritten for WordPress 2.5. Most plugins use a function to add tables, and during plugin activation now these functions DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO GLOBAL VARIABLES ANYMORE….so if you use any variable to hold your plugin table names, or paths, or data, etc. (which most people do) unless you globalize them additionally in the main part of your plugin file (at the “global” level so to speak) these variables will be empty and cause the table install to fail. Expect a flood of “my plugin doesn’t work” forum requests soon. In many cases it won’t be apparent why the plugin doesn’t work since users don’t normally see that a table isn’t there.

    Oh well, gonna be an interesting few weeks after release I bet.

    Just throwing in my two cents. I’m really excited about this new direction.

    These are all great ideas, but I think change is good. Certainly will shake things up.

    Kvetching about the layout of the new admin console seem to be all the rage now … I really like it, and find it hard to go back to the admin console in my “legacy” 2.3 WordPress sites.

    The only thing I find myself doing from time to time is hitting the “Write a New Page” button by accident, when I really meant to create a post. Would be great if the inclusion (or exclusion) of these buttons on the main dashboard page was configurable. I create pages very seldom (and have no use for that button on the main dashboard page), but others may want this.

    i continue to agree with the majority here. having to scroll to the bottom of the page to select a category is downright inefficient.

    losing drag and drop widgets (which for me is useful because i have 20+ widgets running and occasionally have to move them around to optimize my content) is a critical error on the part of developers.

    who is going to stick with 2.3.3 as long as possible? wordpress 2.5 is looking to be the windows vista of blogging.



    I like it

    I am using WordPress in a very basic manner, maybe a blog entry every week. For me a lot of things got easier, but I can see that a lot of plugins (like Flexible Upload) are not working anymore.

    Well Ajax is “cool”, but the way it is implemented with the picture upload and browsing not really efficient – the space is too small to browse through the gallery, and loading takes a long time (and my flexible upload plugin doesn’t work anymore in the AJAX overlay…).

    I wonder when I will forget to set categories and tags because I forgot to scroll down…

    Reading through these comments, I semi-agree with some of the complains.

    Moving the tags and category to the bottom might be a bad idea but I’m not sure yet. After all, how I work is usually write the post then worry about categorizing it.

    And I have to disagree with the widgets criticism. While I don’t use any widgets, I think the new interface is much cleaner! And it does support drag and drop, albeit after you added it to the sidebar. Since I have not used widgets much I could be wrong here, but isn’t easier to add multiple instances of each type of widget now? If I remember correctly, the old way of multiple instances required, as someone mentioned above, the old-fashioned drop down menu.

    Just to add, I love the new dashboard. It is clean, easy to read, and customizable! The new colors are nice too.



    I can live with it, but I would like the categories on the right hand side, not underneath where I have to scroll to it.

    And drag and drop needs to come back on the widgets, sorry. This new way just sucks.



    I have to admit, that I’m heavily annoyed by the way the 2.5 admin turned out. I’m using WordPress for years now and with every update it got better. But this one is a step back, by graphic design as by functionality.
    Drag’n’drop widgets gone. Huzzah! back to olden days…
    Admin-GUI by no means more accessible or more ordered, you find nothing

    And my biggest concern is the new post-GUI: EVERYTHING lined up in one row? gimme a break! categories UNDER the post, so i have to scroll? Image-insertion in a popup??? You cannot be serious?

    I installed Fluency to get the admin panel a little more bearable, but I will definitely go back to 2.3.3, I certainly hope there will be security-updates for that version. If not, I will probably switch to another software altogether.

    A pity, since I tested quite some blog softwares and WordPress was my favourite…



    Every time I go into my admin section now, I want to commit acts of violence. I mean really, I don’t know why anyone complained about blues. The blinding whiteness of it all is what’s driving my nutters.

    And I took the advice above to go to “Users” and switch to the “Classic” color scheme, but it still doesn’t look like it used to. I don’t know if it’s the font spacing or what. I was fine with how it was before, really. I do appreciate the other updates though, and I do like that plugins can be done in my admin now.

    I just might try Fluency.

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