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  • constantinosbou


      i dont like the Powered by link at ALL! I already looking for alternative plugin! bye bye


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  • Alex Moss


    can you please update the plugin. this should not be happening…

    did you update? there is a setting to remove this

    Hi Alex,

    I have the version 2.0.5 and I’m not able to remove the Powered By. Please advise. Thanks.

    Great Plugin.

    Same problem

    Updated (again) guys – let me know if it doesn’t work for you…

    I have a same problem.I read few suggestions with that poweredby thing but there isn’t any option in settings.Also there is an another problem with this plugin.Even though this plugin works perfect on pages and posts, the plugin doesn’t work with my porftolio page(theme). I used the shortcode [fbcomments] but some how I have TWO facebook comment plugin showing on my screen. How can i fix this?

    @slaterbeckham the new version (2.0.6) should deal with the odd link issue, and also there is an option called “Credit” that is unticked by default.

    As for your portfolio pages, if it is appearing twice then simply remove the shortcode and you’ll be left with one 🙂

    ok. I did exactly as you told me. It looks good now. Sorry to bother but there is an another problem came up which is I don’t see all the comments on the post as public view. When I click on moderator I see all the comments. Also, how to connect all comments to RECENT COMMENTS?

    Please HELP!


    @alexandermp now that this plugin completely removes any bug about the powered link can this star rating be updated to reflect the plugin as a whole?

    @slaterbeckham this is within the Facebook comments features within itself and is not part of the plugin.

    ok, but do you know how to solve these 2 problems?

    1. Show it on RECENT COMMENTS
    2. Show all the comments as public

    COuld you help me with above problems?


    moderator view shows you in chronological order whereas public view show hierarchical comment thread view. this is the only available way of viewing comments from facebook.

    showing all comments as public can be set when clicking the settings link on the top right of the comment box in the post or from within the facebook comments moderation area

    nice plugin! thx

    Hey Alex, is there a way to get notifications when someone leaves a comment?


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Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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