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  • Hello,
    I have been tasked with giving a community group’s wordpress website I bit of an update and overhaul to freshen it up.

    I have made a few webpages before using a wysiwyg platform which is very intuitive and easy when I compare it to WordPress due to the fact that I have zero access with it,
    I am reluctant to play around with the page while it is live incase I make an error that I cannot restore.

    I would like some advice on the effectiveness of somehow downloading the en=tire site to my computer or duplicating the site to another domain I have just to fix it up and then replace the existing site with the new.

    If anyone can offer some assistance or direct me to some easy to follow instructions I would be gratefull


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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hey,

    sorry, that you have kind of troubles to start. With what exactly do you need help for?

    To start, I would built a WordPress-Website on a local-Server and than move over to an live one, or (if you don`t want to move a site), building the website directly on the live site and put it in maintenance mode.

    First things first: Localhost development is not “easy”. In addition to the installation and management of the localhost application, you’ll need to learn how to use FTP, and also a datbase administration program such as phpMyAdmin. If you’re willing to invest the time and effort to learn these things, the rewards can be immense. But it does take tiem and effort.

    Now to your post. Developing the WordPress site locally would be one option. Another option is to pay for a couple months of shared hosting from a quality host. I think this would be the better option for you since most hosting companies have one-click installs of WordPress, and they will have a control panel that’s much easier to use than any localhost application control panel. most will also assist with the transfer of your current site data. And in all likelihood, there will be facilities to transfer the site to the “live” host when your work is complete. (Hint: when looking for hosting companies, ignore the “recommendations” on; they’re based on affiliate paybacks and not on the quality of the host.)

    (Moderators: This site really needs a “report this post” feature. My spider senses were tingling when reading the above post from “john”, so I checked the user’s posting history. You should as well.)

    Thanks DionDesigns<
    I have a number of domains just sitting dormant that I can easily install wordpress to. I really dont want to “practice” on the existing webpage while it is live.

    Should I or can I somehow download the existing site in full that is hosted with host 1 and upload the site to one of my spare domains with host 2 and when I make the required changes upload from host to to host 1 ?

    thanks you so much for your assistance.

    Most quality hosting providers will migrate the site for you if you request them to do so. Since recommending hosting providers will get this topic locked, I will not do that; instead, I suggest you read the following on what to avoid:

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