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    If someone wouldn’t mind taking a look at my site as the top of every page contains a white line with this symbol <

    I can tell you I deleted some plugins but nothing else then this error appeared. What has gone wrong? Should I amend any files?

    Here is my site:


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  • Check the first line of the header.php file in your theme:
    <<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN"
    Notice the double <<

    The first letter in your html-file is the <

    If you changed your files look for a solo <-sign outsiede the php-Code.



    Hi I looked and did notice there was an extra << there at the top of my code but that isn’t found in my Theme so I deleted the ‘1’ < from my header.php in my theme folder and now it works.

    But that isn’t exactly a proper fix as there was only the one (<) not two (<<) as suggested. So are there any suggestions which files upstream either from wp_include or wp_admin that could be involved?

    Thanks a bunch for your help so far and sorry for being fussy. 🙂



    oh and because the fix was only in my theme my dashboard is still having the problem. If I knew the upstream files involved in creating that part of my homepage I would feel conformable sorting through it.


    Think back which files did you edit? Those errors rarely appear out of the blue – usually they get there by human errors while editing files.
    (Another option is files corrupted during the upload, unzip, download)

    … or a wonky plugin file. Added/activated any plugins recently?



    moshu, I hear you on the human errors but to be honest I am pretty sure a plugin did this.

    Why? Because I have deleted a plugin in the past(had a backup so repaired asap) that when I decided to remove it, this error appeared. It had been a while ago so I forgot and cleared out some deadwood plugins today.

    Also the error occurred literally right after I deleted 3 plugins. Now it is possible I deleted something else but anything to do with my header if deleted is more likely to cause a significant problem other than a cosmetic one like this (I would think-am I wrong?).

    Also I could get on board because of the plugin problem before with a corrupt file but am not sure what I can do about finding such a file.

    Hmmmm, by the way I went into admin-header.php and deleted the < there as well and now the dashboard is fixed. So I can hobble along like this but I am worried this could cause problems in the future.

    Should I just wait until 2.0.4 comes out in a few days and when I upgrade maybe the corrupt file will be overwritten.

    I don’t know, just babbling. STRESS!! 🙂


    I think that you found two << because the second one is the start of the php-Coe (<?php) or the start of a html-tag.

    I had a look. It worked, didn’t it?




    I think you are talking over my head a bit. Not sure I follow what you are saying. Can you say it differently, I am not much a coder (see pointy haired guy in dilbert for similarities).


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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