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    OK so I am using 1and1 which I like and they have always been really prompt and knowledgeable. I have Windows and Linux packages too.

    Now I want to install wordpress on my 1and 1 Linux host, and the problem is NOT with my 1and1 Linux package, so I want to get that out of the way.

    It’s that I only have Windows on my local PC, and the wordpress install says I have to download the wordpress zip/or/tar pkg to MY PC first, unzip etc., do a bunch of stuff, and WHAT IS THE SHOWSTOPPER is how I need the same host software on my PC like I need PHP and MySQL on my Windows PC, only then do I upload to my host 1and1 Linux server.

    WHY on this fair earth do I have to create this sort of ruckus on my local PC? Why can’t I just do it all on the Host server? they have PHP they have MYSQL, they have every bell and whistle I need for WordPress…

    I don’t know how to even start PHP’ing etc. why should I?

    And for that matter:

    It’s a waste of energy. Electricity. Communications bandwidth. This is exactly the sort of double work that leads to more global warming 😉

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    Never Mind!

    A PERSON WHO HAS A WINDOWS PC DOES NOT NEED TO HAVE mySql or PhP installed on their LOCAL machine.

    The WP instructions are *misleading* on this point.

    You just have to download and unzip and edit in a text editor one file.
    Then FTP the whole mess back up to a directory.

    The strangest thing to figure out is what they mean by Open wp-admin/install.php in your browser. If you take things literally, like any good computer person should, you may not know which freaking side of the fence they mean. Because now you really have two sets of files, both of which you can open in your browser… so really, it COULD mean your local copy. But it’s the one you just uploaded.

    What you do is go to your browser and type in your domain name URL and the rest of the mess to get to wherever it is wp-admin is on your host…

    If it’s too many folders too deep, which it likely will be then delete everything and reinstall. It’s quite easy.

    And no, you do not have to waste valuable planerary resources with duplicate local copies of PHP and mySql.

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    A PERSON WHO HAS A WINDOWS PC DOES NOT NEED TO HAVE mySql or PhP installed on their LOCAL machine.

    *BLINK* Uh *BLINK*

    That’s not misleading at all. The server running WordPress needs PHP and access to a mysql database. The browser running on your machine (your PC) does not need PHP and no one says it does.

    The output from the web server can be on your browser (which is on your PC), but if the server that is sending you the output (the web page) is not interpreting the PHP code you won’t get the right results.



    download for windows. the do as follows
    1) go to localhost in your browser
    2) go to phpadmin and create a blank database named whatever
    3) In the htdocs folder create your blog folder
    4) unzip blog files to folder
    5) go to localhost/blogfolder in your borwser

    Install wordpress.

    how does unzipping/un-tarring imply that you need php/mysql?



    just for clarification that should be down load and install xampp lite. I forget how dense some people can when it is close to my bedtime

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