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    I'm really new to wordpress.org and coding and everything really, and I'm having a problem installing a certain plugin. I was trying to install cĂșfon on my site so that I could use a custom font, and once installed the plugin told me to create the directory /fonts/ in my wp-content/plugins/ directory. I downloaded filezilla, connected to my site, found the wp-content folder and opened it to discover that I had no plugins folder in there. I only had the theme folder...
    I tried creating a plugin folder and then creating a fonts folder within that folder, but the plugin isn't registering that I've done so.

    So my question is really: why didn't/don't I have a plugins folder in my wp-content? (and how can I get one... that registers?)

    p.s. sorry if this question is in the wrong "support category" btw, I had no idea which to put it in.

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