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  • Hello,

    Please excuse my very bad english (I’m french).

    In fact, I’d like to find a newsletter (autoresponder) plugin to handle newsletter inscription, by sending back to the subscriber, a coupon for a free gift.
    I found many plugin that can do that, but what I need, is that the name and adress, indicated by the subscriber in the form field has to be written IN the image of the coupon, so that when the coupon is printed by the subscriber, his name (and adress) is written in, so that Nobody can cheat.

    Thanks for help

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  • You can use MailPoet plugin.It is one of the best free newsletter plugin.Though it is free,it has many features.

    In know that, but ther is a problem.
    As I wrote, i’m loking for a plugin that can Insert the name of the sucbscriber into the image, or, if you prefer, a plugin that can create a new image including the name of the subscriber?
    MailPoet, I already tried can’t do that.
    But thank for the suggestion.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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