• I have a blog that has not taken off yet. i will be posting many picures in a gallery format. i tried photoshop (the trial version) for a few day, there is so much to learn and i don’t feel like studying all of its details nor spending that much dough for it. my needs are not that much: just to be able to ‘crop’ the pictures, make them the same size, flip them around, etc. what other software do you recommend that does not cost so much?

    certainly, i will regard all your replies with gratitude.

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  • One alternative is not to yell in your title 🙂
    (all caps = yelling)

    The GIMP is good. Not quite as powerful as APS, but should do the trick for you.


    p.s. It’s free.

    One alternative is not to yell in your title 🙂
    (all caps = yelling. moshu

    sorry, not my intention, and i do hate caps!
    why do we have them anyway? i was thinking about that the other day, CAPS serve no purpose expect to tire the fingers having to shift keys? other alphabet that i am familiar with have no such thing as ‘capital letters’. look at my statements here and there are no caps anywhere, right? but that is another story…getting back to photoshop…

    can anyone tell me about

    i came to learn of that site while searching for an alternative to photoshop. it was my understanding that their software is pretty decent and that they charge a monthly fee of $8.00? has anyone tried it? i can’t be spinning around looking for a graphic software, i just want to find one that i can afford and start blogging. anyone?

    thanks for that link, moshu => (

    some of the free help sites listed on that link have blazing commercials and i tend to shut them down just as quickly as i open them. i am so averse to commercials that i am prompted to shut them down just as quickly at they appear! a site soaking wet with commercials it not a free-site,such as this one

    my blog means a lot to me and i may have to bite the bullet and buy photoshop…unless someone else here sees my plea and comes forward with some great idea.

    thanks to you all who responded. coming here to ask questions and to get responses is such a privilege.

    Have you even read or visited the site’s that colinbrady and lhk posted for you here? I heard that the forrest GIMP is about the same equivalent to Photoshop… but, it’s FREE. The GIMP that is..

    I use it now as a matter of fact. Even though I’d rather have Photoshop again..sigh. I had a “cracked” version of Photoshop before lol, but since they came out with a later version of it, I’m kinda screwed, because I’m on a dial up connection and if I downloaded the 150MB worth or so, it would prolly take me a f-ing week to get it done..sigh.

    I dunno, but thanks for the link lhk, I’ll have to check that out then… =)


    P.S. I believe Jasc is what provides Paint Shop Pro 8 or whatever is now..which is not free, if I remember right..

    I had that before too, but some how lost it sigh.. Currently, I have Fireworks 4 and Flash MX, but never got used to Fireworks or Flash MX yet.. so I don’t use them lol..

    There is also this forum that I had joined awhile back that has cracks, hacks and serials for various versions of stuff.. just haven’t been there in awhile..

    For what it’s worth, I’m a huge fan of

    I agree, GIMP is the closest I’ve seen to Photoshop. I have Photoshop and have downloaded GIMP before, and can tell you from personal experience that the two are excellent tools (although if you’re looking for FREE programs, definitely go for GIMP. Don’t waste the money on Photoshop).

    Hi spencerp,

    Irfanview is also free, and you can do almost all of what you can do with photoshop. There are also quite a few plugins and extensions available.


    Instead of moaning the living hell outta people here, go and take a look at the GIMP and Irfanview links. If all you want to do is prep photos for inclusion in your blog posts, these two will readily let you do that without problems.

    If you however, like me, want to be a webdesigner, then you also should stop moaning and invest in your job. I have here Fireworks, Photoshop, ImageReady, Imageslicer, Picture Publisher, Freehand, Fontstudy, Fonttwister, Irfanview, Colorpicker, Animgif and couple of others. And I use each of those for different purposes.

    Oh and using Firefox and its ad-barring functions, one can surf without having ads crawl all over one’s screen…

    Hi spencerp,

    Irfanview is also free, and you can do almost all of what you can do with photoshop. There are also quite a few plugins and extensions available.

    Awesome! Once I finish downloading the “latest” version of MSN Messenger Live, I’ll check that out and see what happens from there. =) Thanks again lhk. 😉


    Instead of moaning the living hell outta people here

    Hahaha..I agree.. =P

    Picasa takes care of all your cropping/adjusting needs. Google it and enjoy.

    I’ve never used Photoshop… been using Fireworks and Dreamweaver for years – the best web development tools out there, IMHO. I think Fireworks might be a little cheaper than Photoshop.

    If ya wanna play, ya gotta pay.

    If you’re a student you can get Photoshop for much less. I got it about four years ago and I think I paid $150. I was taking an HTML class at the community college which cost all of about $50 and I bought the software at the college bookstore, but I understand you can get student versions from retail outlets as well.

    Hi deko,

    actually my preferred photosoft would be a mixture of Photoshop, Picture Publisher and Fireworks. Fireworks has the very best and cleanest compression I ever encountered, I tend to run all pictures for the web after working them once through its export function, and I have a couple of MX plugins which are very neat for buttons et al.. Photoshop has the best plugins for whole-photo and large part manipulation and the best text tools, also nice is the layering system. Picture Publisher OTOH has a couple of very neat masking tools and I just love its copying and softening tools, which are pixel-per-pixel precise.

    Thus I usually start a photo off in PP, then go on to Photoshop and end up with Fireworks. Sometimes I then slice up the whole thing again in the Slicer (e.g. for photos I don’t want copied from a site). Which by the way is one other great use for tables which so many hate here *hehehe*. Use a sliced pic as table cell backgrounds, slap samesized transparent gifs into the cell itself and every copyright thief will eventually get quite crazy trying to steal that pic 😉 (yeah, I’m a meanie where it comes to theft of pics).

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