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  • I’m moving my blog from a non-wordpress site to WordPress and a new host. I explained to my new hosting company that my site needs to stay live with my domain name at it’s current live location until I rebuild it in WordPress, then I will redirect the nameservers for the domain to the WordPress site with my new host.

    Here’s my concern: My new host has WordPress installed at:

    When I redirect the nameservers for my domain, I want my domain name ( to be in the address field of the browser window (way more professional) as people are moving through the site, not the “temporary” url shown above. I think that I’ll be stuck with the temporary url because WordPress appears to be using “absolute url’s” when saving posts, photos etc.

    My hosting company said not to worry, but I don’t believe them. Who’s right?

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  • whooami



    your hosting company.

    i would be interested in knowing why you wouldn’t believe them, frankly.

    Andy Christian


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    why do you think that wordpress is using absolute urls? pretty much everything comes from the database. relatively few “pages” (at least those visible to the public) actually reside in your web root.

    I’m concerned for two reasons, first I talked to five different tech support people in the last 24 hours. (Their “one click” WordPress install was broken) The first three tier-one tech people were all telling me things that the tier two people said was wrong. I was getting different stories from everyone.

    Also, as I am customizing my theme, it is asking for the absolute URL’s for images (to make into thumbnails). I can’t imagine that when I change the nameservers, it is going to update all those custom fields in my theme. I don’t mind if those links still work (obviously) but I keep thinking back to the install process when it gave me two choices (this is the hosting company’s “once click” deal) for where to install. First was my domain name (which wasn’t an option because it’s still live at another hosting company) and the only option I had left which is the one I they told me to use What I really wanted was the first option.

    After my last 24 hours with their tech support, I want to avoid having to go another round with them.

    you’re right about the absolute url’s in the images
    one possible solution to overcome all of this would be to install wordpress in a folder like /blog or whatever (
    get everything the way you want it, then do this
    that way the image url’s would remain intact unless you are calling them from the root

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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