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I did my homework… just one questions on Moving wordpress folder

  • I’m about to move my blog from mydomain.com/blog/ to mydomain.com

    I already read the instructions here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress

    But I just have one question, is there any kind of redirections that I need to do after moving it?

    I thought about this because for sure there will be people/search engines trying to reach older posts….

    I’ll appreciate your input.


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  • If I may offer a suggestion…


    Is the easiest. Otherwise you need to worry about rewriting some URLs in the database.

    This leaves the admin at domain.com/blog/wp-admin, and keeps most files in /blog

    The frontend of the site however, runs from domain.com

    This has the added bonus of keeping your root directory neat, with no extranneous files kicking around

    Hey Rev. Voodoo,

    Thanks for your suggestion…

    I didnt know I could do it that way… looks like an easier way to handle it…

    How would it handle Pages URLs?




    and what about blog plsts URLs?




    Thanks again Rev. VooDoo

    /blog would no longer appear in your URLs

    Your assets (Theme files, images, etc) would still live in your /blog directory so if you view your source code in your browser you could see reference to the path.

    For instance, my personal blog rvoodoo.com lives in a folder named /empire so

    MY main url is: rvoodoo.com
    My about page is: rvoodoo.com/about-the-reverend/

    See, no reference to that /empire folder

    But, if you were to view my source code you could see:

    my css coming from: rvoodoo.com/empire/wp-content/themes/voodoowood/style.css

    and my admin is: rvoodoo.com/empire/wp-admin

    Great, thanks! Looks like I’m going to implement your suggestion…

    Will there be a problem with duplicate content? Since I’m moving from /blog/ to root?

    Is there a redirection I need to do?

    Hey Rev. Voodoo, I really appreciate your help!


    What I have always done is:

    a) Login to WP dashboard.

    b) Go to general settings, change both WP install and Site URL to your new url

    c) your site will break…but dont worry

    d) move the complete root and all files to the new directory via FTP and refresh it will all be working fine

    if it does mixup you can always put this in your .htaccess:


    Will there be a problem with duplicate content?

    I’m by no means an expert here, but this shouldn’t be a problem.

    Search engines will begin indexing your site at its new home. If you were running dupe sites at 2 URLs, it would be an issue… but you are moving.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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